Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Ideas - Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding » Summer Wedding IdeasSummers-the time when flowers are in full bloom, the weather is beautiful and the shine is shining in all its glory. Summer is the perfect time to tie in everlasting bonds of marriage and celebrate your joy with the blooming nature.

People for centuries have chosen summer to celebrate their nuptials. In case you are planning your wedding in the months of June, July or August, you are planning a summer wedding.

While planning a wedding in summer, it is inevitable to take into consideration the weather i.e. the heat should be comfortable. You don’t want your cake to melt and the bride to ruin the makeup by perspiring on her big day.

Once you have finalized the dates for your wedding, the next step is to choose a theme. The theme essentially sets the tone of the event. All the arrangements are made taking into consideration the theme of the wedding. Start early while deciding the theme of your wedding so you can organize the details of your wedding in sync with the theme ranging from the invitations to the decorations.

Many couples opt for a specific color combination for their wedding. Be it a traditional or funky event, a color scheme will add glitz to your special day. For summer, the hues of fuchsia, crisp white, aqua and lemon look wonderful.

You can even choose two contrasting colors for the wedding-one being a darker one and the other should be a bit muted than the former. For instance, you can opt for muted shades of champagne, creams and bright shades of pinks.

Make sure that the colors accentuate the beauty of the bride and make her look even more attractive with her bouquets and flowing gown. You can use your creativity and play with patterns for the wedding cake, favors, decorations, etc.

You can plan your wedding in summer specific themes like canoe on the lake. You can decide a venue close to lake and the cake and the balloons and the invitations can be designed like a canoe. You can add barbeques and ice-cream cones to your wedding as a backdrop for a perfect summer look.

Garden theme is another theme extremely popular in summer. Place potted flowers along the aisle and team it with summery bouquets hanging from the poles of the canopy. Or go wild and choose for a beach theme for your wedding. Whatever you do, cherish every moment of your special day.

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