Sumptuous Dessert Recipes

Sumptuous Dessert Recipes

Sumptuous Dessert Recipes - Chocolate Fruit Cream » Sumptuous desert recipesHey people, are you thinking about the great and mouthwatering dessert recipes for your family members and friends so that they can lick them up, then don’t panic anymore. Read this article that will guide you over two sumptuous dessert recipes, which are not only tasty but healthy too.

Fruit chocolate with cream

2 apples, 4 bananas, 8-10 grapes, 3 ½ cup cream, 2 tbsp chocolate powder, ¾ tsp sugar powder, 1 tbsp coco powder, ¼ cup milk

For garnishing:
Poppins, chocolate bar

Put sliced bananas and sugar in a blender and blend it well. Also add cream and again blend to make a nice paste. Divide this paste in two parts. Add coco or chocolate powder in milk and then add this to the first part of banana mixture. Leave the second part in white color only.

Chop rest of bananas, apple in small pieces and pour in a bowl with grapes. Pour the half cream over these fruits in a bowl. Pour chocolate cream over this and then rest of chopped fruits. At end pour the white cream. Garnish this with chopped chocolate bar and poppins.chill and serve.

Fruity-choci curd

500 gm curd, 2 tbsp coco powder, ½ cup sugar powder, 2 apples, 1 orange, 2 slices of pineapple, 10-12 roasted almonds

Pour the curd in a muslin cloth and leave it in for sometime so that all the water present in curd gets away. Now add take it and pour in a bowl. Add sugar powder and coco powder too it and mix them well.
Peel off apples and grate it. Peel off the orange too. Grate the pineapple also. Pour all these fruits in the above curd bowl and mix them well.
Serve them in different small bowls after garnishing with chopped apple slices and roasted almonds. Don’t forget to chill the curd in refrigerator before serving.

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