Sumptuous Jellies

Sumptuous Jellies

Sumptuous Jellies - Grapes Jelly - Mango Jelly - Amla Jelly - Papaya Jelly » Treat your kids with sumptuous jelliesGrapes jelly

2 kg grapes, sugar as required, water

Wash the grapes with water nicely.

Boil the grapes in water. When grapes turns soft, take out their juice.

Add water to the juice in equal quantity and put it on flame to cook.

Cook till the jelly gets prepared. Chill in refrigerator and serve.

Mango jelly

3 kg green mangoes, juice of 6 lemon, 4 kg sugar, 6 lemon, 2 liter water

Wash the mangoes and then chop it into small pieces. Boil these pieces in 2 liter of water on flame. Later mash and sieve the mango juice through a thin cloth.

Prepare sugar syrup and add the juice to it with lemon juice. Cook it till jelly gets prepared.

Transfer the jelly in a sealed container.

Amla jelly
1 kg amla, 4 kg water, pinch of phitkari, sugar equal to the quantity of juice.


Wash the amla and chop them into small pieces. De-seed them.

Add these mashed pieces into 4 liters of water and put on the flame. Cook.

Prepare a sugar syrup in another pan and then add to the above prepared amla juice. Stir continuously. Cook

till the solutions turns to thick consistency.
Add phitkari.

Your amla jelly is ready; transfer it into a clean bottle.

Papaya jelly

2 kg papaya pulp, 2 ½ liter water, juice of 4 lemons, 1 ½ kg sugar


Peel off the papaya, de-seed it and chop it into small pieces.

Add the chopped papaya pieces to water and cook it on high flame for 40 minutes. Keep stirring it with wooden spoon.

Sieve this solution through a cloth.

Add sugar and lemon juice and cook till it turns into thick jelly like paste.

Transfer the jelly to bottle and seal it.

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