Sumptuous Murabba Recipes

Sumptuous Murabba Recipes

Sumptuous Murabba Recipes - Lemon Murabba Recipe - Papaya Murabba Recipe - Rose Murabba Recipe » Sumptuous murabba recipesHey people, here are some tasty and lip smacking murabba recipes for you all. These sumptuous recipes are not only tasty but also healthy and high in its nutritive value, so make sure you prepare them in your kitchen cabinets.

Lemon murabba

1 kg lemon, 60 gm chuna water, 2 kg sugar

Make small holes in lemon all over and then drop them into chuna water. Bring it to a boil. Afterwards wash them with clean water and keep them aside.
Prepare nice sugar syrup and then add the above lemon into it.
Cook till 2 taar chaashni gets prepared. Afterwards take it off from the flame and keep aside to cool down.
Pour them into a clean container. Lemon murabba is ready.

Papaya murabba

2 kg kaccha papaya, 2 kg sugar, some drops of rosewater, water as required

Peel off the papaya, de-seed it and then chop it into small pieces.

Pour all the pieces in the utensil and bring it to a boil on low flame.

Prepare 2 taar chaashni in another pan and add the above papaya pieces in it. Mix well and cook on low flame. Afterwards add rose water to it. Mix all well.

Pour it into a clean container.

Papaya murabba is ready.

Rose murabba

1 kg rose flowers, 2 kg sugar, 4-5 cardamom, water as required

Use the rose petals only and throw the rest of the part in dustbin.

Wash the rose petals nicely and then crush them with sugar.

Use the above sugar and prepare 1 taar chaashni. When chaasnhi gets prepared, take it off from the flame.

Add the cardamom powder to it.

Pour it into the clean container.

Keep it under the sun for regular 15 days, and then use it from the 16th day.

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