Sun Kissed Tans

Sun Kissed Tans

Sun Kissed Tans - Sunkissed tanning - Beauty tips - Skin care ideas » Sun Kissed TansWe all know that stepping out without a sunscreen can be bad for our skin. Yet, who doesn’t yearn for the golden glow of a summer tan. There is something indisputably alluring about skin that has a healthy glow. But, one doesn’t have to hit the beach in the scorching summer sun to get that glow. Bronzers that give a tanned and healthy effect to the face and body skin are the perfect quick fix for a sun goddess golden hue!

Bronzers come in two textures i.e. matte and metallic and are available in liquid, cream, spray, gel or powder formats, with or without shimmer. For those with pimples, scars, acne or rough skin, avoid shimmer completely. Shimmer only serves to highlight the roughness and skin problems, instead go for a matte texture.

Makeup experts say bronzers give the skin a youthful and healthy glow, working best as an evening look. For fair skins, bronzers with a pinkish tone are recommended. But, make sure that it is used in the right proportion. Less is more when it comes to this skin type. Bronzers look great on duskier skin.

Golden Rules
The following bronzing techniques should give you a sun goddess status:
Use bronzer on only the cheeks and T-zone. Avoid using under the eyes. If, you use bronzer on the face, make sure to apply it on the neck, collarbone, cleavage and shoulders, according to the outfit you are wearing, and to give an even tone to you skin. Never go more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Bronzers are meant to warm not colour the skin. Keep your makeup minimal. If, you are using a bronzer, don’t apply a coppery eye shadow or lipstick. You don’t want your entire face awash in a sea of bronze. When using bronzers, apply little or no foundation. Too much foundation leaves your bronzer looking muddy and artificial. Powder bronzers are best for oily complexions and suit India’s humid climate. Dry skins can use cream, stick or gel for a dewy finish. If, you have over bronzed, use a dry cotton pad to wipe of excess bronzer or dust your face with blotting paper to lighten the colour.

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