Sunscreen Saga

Sunscreen Saga

Sunscreen Saga - How To Apply Sunscreen - Different Types of Sunscreen - Sun Protection Factor » Sunscreen SagaSunscreen is an essential part of skin care. It filters out harmful rays and keeps your skin healthy. The lotion works as a chemical, blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating your skin, so it should be applied to any area regularly exposed to sunlight.

A darkening of the skin, known as tanning, is the first visible side effect of exposure to sunlight. This is your skin’s way of trying to protect itself. If you remain in the sun after you’ve tanned, you’ll start to develop sunburn. While a tan might sometimes look good, venture into the sun too often and you’ll start to develop premature wrinkles and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Two kinds of sunscreen have been created to help prevent these issues. The first soaks into the skin, chemically absorbing UV rays, while the second actually coats the surface of the skin, physically stopping UV rays from penetrating any further.

Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, indicates how effective your sunscreen is protecting you. It measures the length of time the lotion will protect your skin. This means that if you normally burn after only 10 minutes of sun exposure, a sunscreen of SPF 20 will provide you with about 15 times your normal threshold.

That’s 150 minutes of fun in the sun! It’s important to remember that SPF only indicates the level of protection against ultraviolet B rays. Other types of UV rays exist, and current research may soon lead to even more products that are effective.

Selecting the proper sunscreen can seem slightly daunting with so many different types available recently. Manufacturers cater to specific subsets of people, like office workers, athletes, swimmers, or children. Sunscreens are formulated especially for a specific kind of work.

Sweat-proof sunscreen has been developed for athletes, while children’s sunscreen protects their more sensitive skin. Some sunscreens are scented, or include vitamins, so read the label and find the best product for you.

SPF 15 to 25 works best for most people. Always apply your sunscreen anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes before you venture outdoors, allowing it to seep completely into your skin.

Don’t be shy, either! Use generous amounts to get the most protection out of your sunscreen. Think about the clothes that you’re going to wear, too. If your fabric has a loose weave, you should put lotion on the skin underneath, too.

Sunscreens don’t last forever. Don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours to keep yourself from getting burned.

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