Superstitions about Having a Bad Luck for Woman

Superstitions about Having a Bad Luck for Woman

Superstitions about Having a Bad Luck for Woman - WomanWhen does superstitions originate? Where from it comes? Nobody knows. But it begins from the origin of mankind and it passes on from place to place at all time. Some superstitions are common in many countries. People know superstitions are beliefs without any rational substances. Still someone believes in it. There are superstitions about having a good luck, bad luck and death.

Here are some superstitions about having a bad luck.

1. A woman should not try to wear her wedding dress before wedding ceremony. Her wedding would not take place.

2. A girl should not sing before a stove while she cooks. She would have to marry a old widower.

3. If a pregnant woman cuts her hair she would give birth to a hairless child.

4. A woman should not decorate her dress with pearls. She will shed tears.

5. If a loud thunder occurs during a marriage ceremony that couple would not have a happy life

6. A woman should not eat in front of a stove Her wealth would go away.

7. If a pregnant woman eats twin banana she would give birth to twins.

8. If a pregnant woman eats red star apple her child would look like star apple.

9. If a girl put a stick in to the mouth of a glass she will see the face of her future husband.

10. If a pregnant woman sit on the stair case her delivery would be difficult

11. If a pregnant woman goes to the river she will give birth to a dead baby.

12. A woman will be widowed if she has a mole under the eye where tears fall

13. If a woman eats crabs during pregnancy she will have a baby with six fingers or a baby with some deformities.

14. If you remove plate while an unmarried woman eats that woman would stay single in all her life.

15. If a woman touch a plant during menstruation period that plant would die.

16. If hen cackles under the house at night a girl of the family would give birth to an illegitimate child.

17. If a pregnant woman eats raw rice she will have toothless child.

18. If a woman watches a burial she will have difficulty in delivery.

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