Surviving Party Goof ups

Surviving Party Goof ups

Surviving Party Goof ups - What is party goof ups - Party goof ups gifts - Party ideas » Surviving Party Goof-upsYou know you have done something inappropriate, when there is shocked silence and a look of utter horror on all guest faces. You don’t have to bolt out of the room or buy a one-way ticket to the moon. There are ways to come out of socially awkward situations smelling like a bunch of roses.

Name Game
You had a thrilling conversation with a charming guest at a party, trouble is next time you meet him you can’t remember his name. All you have to do is smile and apologise for forgetting his name.

Foot In Mouth
As you dazzle with your razor sharp wit, mercilessly ridiculing a popular author, you realise his daughter happens to be listening in and is not amused. Simply, insist it is not a personal attack, but your humble opinion.

Food Attacks

The hostess offers you hors d’oeuvres you pop into your mouth but need to bring up. Smile, don’t swallow, excuse yourself and head to a corner without appearing rude.

Seeing Is Not Believing
You meet a lusciously plump lady and ask when the baby is due, when its not. The only way out is to apologise. Next time remember to confirm with a third party before commenting on someone’s pregnancy.

Er, Um, Well…
You’ve just been introduced by your host who leaves you to chat with your new acquaintance. After the initial chatter, there’s an awkward silence. Carry a list of generic questions for such awkward occasions, but is small chat is a drag, excuse yourself neatly.

Oops, I Did It
In a rush to get to the bathroom, you stumble in the dark and knock a precious vase. Confess, apologise and replace it even if the host politely declines the offer.

Past History Is Present
The host has accidentally invited your ex-boyfriend and his date, not realising the bitter break-up. Greet your ex and his date politely and proceed to mingle with the other guest. Mention to the host that you two have split so that you are not invited again as a couple.

Dressing Down
You arrive in jeans and t-shirt, only to find that the other guests are formally dressed. Ask your host if you can borrow something more suitable for the occasion. If, it’s not possible, brave it out with confidence.

Enjoy the party!

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