Sushi - Sushi Recipe - Ingredients for Sushi Recipe - How to Make Sushi Rice | Tips on - Find TipsFor Japanese food lovers sushi is the quintessential part of the menu. Although, we have savored sushi in the Japanese restaurants, but not many of us have explored possibilities of making sushi at home. Here are the steps to make sushi.


Although you can use your simple kitchen tools for making sushi, but to pack your dish with maximum Japanese elements you should use Japanese tools to make the dish. You need a wooden tub or Handai, a wooden spatula or Shamoji, a Japanese paper fan or Uchiwa, sharp kitchen knives and the most important item, without which you can’t think about making sushi, is the Makisu or the bamboo mat to roll the sushi.

Making sushi rice


3 kilograms of uncooked rice

3 liters of water

360 cc rice vinegar

160-gram sugar

100-gram salt


Before cooking, soak the uncooked rice in water for half an hour. After 30 minutes, cook the rice. After the rice is cooked, keep it aside for 15 minutes. Prepare a mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt. Put the rice in the Handai and pour the vinegar mixture over it. Use the Shamoji to blend the vinegar with rice. Use the Shamoji gently, without pressing the rice with the spatula. Fan the rice with the Uchiwa so that the excess moisture is removed. Keep the rice in a container and cover it. This sushi rice is also known as sushi meshi or shari.

Prepare the toppings

Slice raw fish, boiled shrimp or boiled or fried egg to make the toppings. Neta is the Japanese name for topping.

Making Maki Zushi

Place the Makisu on a flat surface. Put a sheet of Nori, which is the sea vegetable used for wrapping the sushi, on the Makisu. Put some rice on the Nori. Leaving one inch of space each from the top, bottom and the two sides of Nori, spread the rice on the Nori. Put a long slice of the topping on the rice and put some Wasabi or Japanese horseradish on it. Lift the Makisu to roll the Nori. Roll it slowly and carefully. After the Maki Zushi has been successfully rolled, remove it from the Makisu. Use a sharp knife to cut the Maki Zushi in small pieces.

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