Sweet Pongal and Peas rice Recipe

Sweet Pongal and Peas rice Recipe

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Fry 1 measure of Yellow moong beans (moong dal) till it turns red in a pan. Mix 2 measures of rice to this. Cook this in a cooker or oven.
Take 2 jiggery’s in a pan. Put 1 glass i.e., 250ml of water to it.

Allow it to boil with constant stirring. You will get a thin watery liquid of jiggery. Add kesar color, cardammon-yellakki and dried coconut. Put the rice with dhal to the above given liquid and keep stirring. Add a lot of ghee to this and keep stirring.

Heat ghee in another pan. To this add dry grapes and cashew nuts. Add 2 cloves to this. Heat till it turns golden brown. Mix this to the above and your sweet penal is ready.

Peas rice

Cook rice

Add 1 measure of rice to 3 measures of water and cook it in the microwave oven for 20 minutes.

Other ingredients

Wash and cut coriander leaves and keep it aside. Cut green chilies as per your taste. Keep cashew nut, mustard seeds, groundnut oil, urad dhal, Bengal gram, frosted peas, turmeric powder, salt, rice, dried coconut and lemon in your reach.

Cook frosted peas in an oven for 7 minutes. See to that the peas are only half baked. Just see to that it does not become very soft.

Take 1 measure of dried coconut, washed coriander leaves, ¼ spoons of mustard seeds, ¼ spoon of turmeric. Put it in the mixer and grind it till it becomes partially soft. When you eat this mixture, you should get the particles in your mouth.

Instructions to prepare Peas rice

Take the cooked rice and cool it well. If it is not cooled well, it will not be good to look or taste. In a pan add 2 spoons of groundnut oil or olive oil and heat it. Remember, olive oil is extremely good for health, but is a bit costlier than groundnut oil.

Add 1 spoon of full of mustard seeds. You can hear to the mustard seeds making sounds and turning black. Allow it to become completely black. If it is still red in color, it will be bitter to taste. So wait till it becomes black but don’t allow it to char. Add groundnuts. Allow it to turn brown. Add urad dhal and Bengal gram, 1 spoon each.

Add the mixture present in the mixer to this and keep stirring for 2 minutes. Add cashew nut to this. Add cooked peas. Add ¼ spoon of turmeric powder. Now switch off the stove. Add the cooked rice to this, add salt to taste, add cut coriander leaves. If you like sour dishes you can add lemon juice also.

Your peas rice is ready. Serve this hot with curd or raita.

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