Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Epilepsy

Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Epilepsy

Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Epilepsy - Causes & Occurrence Of Seizures » Symptoms Of Epilepsy Or SeizuresEpilepsy is a chronic disease which has seizures as its main symptom. Seizures can have other causes as well. They may occur during drug or alcohol withdrawal. Also some medications can cause seizures as a side effect.

There are many uncertainties regarding epilepsy because it is very hard to be sure when diagnosing this condition. Because seizures differ from person to person and they don’t occur regularly with the same person, epilepsy can be hard to track.

When seizures are caused by some factors like the ones mentioned above, the person is not diagnosed with epilepsy. A person is diagnosed with epilepsy only when recurring seizures when there are no other factors involved in triggering them.

Alcohol plays a role in causing seizures. There have been some cases in which seizures occurred after excessive amounts of alcohol intake. But there are people who drink large amounts of alcohol and don’t experience any seizures.

Epilepsy can’t be diagnosed after only one seizure occurs. Epilepsy involves at least two episodes of seizures in which no other factors were observed to be involved. So don’t jump to conclusion after only one seizure.

There can also be some confusion regarding epilepsy. Even if two seizures occur, diagnosis of epilepsy can’t be certain, especially if there is a long interval between both seizures. For example, if a person has a seizure at the age of twenty and another at the age of eighty, this is not considered a case of epilepsy.

But if we consider the definition of epilepsy, this person may be diagnosed with this condition. Epilepsy can also go into remission, with no occurrence of seizures for a number of years. But this doesn’t mean that the condition is cured; a seizure can still occur at any time.

Even though epilepsy is a condition that dates back thousands of years, it is still very difficult to diagnose this condition with certainty. Seizures are very unpredictable in their occurrence from person to person and it is very hard to say for sure that a person will be suffering from epilepsy for the rest of his life.

Epilepsy is not an easy condition and being chronic, it needs constant medical treatment. This makes it hard for any doctor to make a diagnosis that could change a person’s life forever.

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