Symptoms of Anorexia

Symptoms of Anorexia

Symptoms of Anorexia - Anorexia Eating Disorders - Signs of Anorexia » Symptoms of AnorexiaSince at times Anorexia can be fatal, the symptoms of this disease should be immediately treated to prevent further damage to the affected individuals. Anorexia can bring about both psychological and physical changes, which can be easily noticed. After confirming that these are indeed Anorexia symptoms, immediate medical treatment should be administered.

Anorexia may result in extremely lower than average body weight because of improper diet. The person suffering from this condition will have an obsessive concern with weight, calories, food and exercise. At the same time, the patient refuses to eat normal proportions of food and prefers to substitute meals with beverages containing caffeine or diet pills, and other uncommon forms of diet.

As a result, the individual may order strange diets to lose weight, eat less than normal food or totally refrain from eating. At times, some of these people indulge in eating a huge meal and then vomit it out or take purgatives to get rid of the food consumed.

These people may have vague knowledge of their own bodies. While being underweight, they may think they are fat and continue trying to lose weight to be thinner.

Symptoms of Anorexia comprise of lack of concentration, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, depression, nightmares and loneliness. These people tend to remain isolated and refuse to socialize with people, though deep down they want to interact with people. They may be feeling out of sorts as far as their self-esteem is concerned.

This condition in women leads to hormonal imbalance. Because of dearth of nutrients, women may not produce sufficient Estrogen, resulting in menstrual problems, even as sometimes periods stop. This condition also may lead to infertility in women reducing their chances of becoming pregnant. Women with this condition can suffer from weak bone structure, problems with teeth and fingernails, due to imbalance in hormones.

Other Signs of Anorexia include reduced blood pressure, irregular heartbeats and fall in body temperature because of circulatory problems, rigid muscles and cramps in the abdomen.

Anorexia and other eating disorders, expose you to many dangers. Incorrect diet and exercises weaken the immune system and result in more sicknesses.

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