Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety - Causes & Treatment of Anxiety - Anxiety and Stress » Symptoms of AnxietyAnxiety and stress are not only reactions to the strains and pressures of existing competitive world, but are also leading causes for a variety of health ailments and disorders. Since every person is unique, stress shows its symptoms in various ways. However, there are certain symptoms which can help you to decide whether your partner is in stress or not. Given below are such important symptoms.

Stress affects almost every part of our body as can be displayed by its various symptoms. Increase in allergies, back pain, neck stiffness, choking, and even feeling of tightness in chest are some symptoms of anxiety. Similarly, if you feel exhausted and weak all the time, then you may be a victim of anxiety and stress. Whenever we feel tensed, the most common reaction is that our heart starts palpitating faster. Thus, if you have chronic stress or anxiety, then you would have a faster heart rate than usual. Nausea, frequent vomiting, shooting pains in neck, face or head and profuse sweating are other symptoms indicators of anxiety and stress.

People suffering from anxiety also experience various kinds of fears like fear of being in public, fear of public opinion, fears about irrational things and even fear of dying. You can also easily judge a person in anxiety through the varied emotions he displays. Generally such people are impatient with frequent bouts of anger. Depression, dramatic mood swings, frequent crying, and feeling emotionally numb are other common symptoms displayed by a person in anxiety. Sleep in such people also faces changes. People with anxiety face difficulty in falling asleep. They also suffer from frequent bad, crazy and bizarre dreams and usually wake up in a panic attack.

Given above are some general symptoms associated with anxiety. These symptoms should be paid heed to so that you can effectively treat the problem before it hampers your healthy and happy life.

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