Symptoms of Claustrophobia

Symptoms of Claustrophobia

Symptoms of Claustrophobia - What Causes Claustrophobia - Claustrophobia Treatment - How to Overcome Claustrophobia » Causes and Symptoms of ClaustrophobiaThere are many people who are claustrophobic which in turn implies that they have a fear of enclosed areas. Such people feel anxiety, tension, and a feeling or fear of being trapped when they are in any enclosed space, be it a closed room, a basement, or a small hole or cave. This article will talk about the various symptoms and causes of claustrophobia.

People who are claustrophobic panic when placed in an enclosed space and their first reaction is to somehow get out of that place. Such people can display symptoms like sweating, shaking, trembling and getting highly panicked and tensed.

Nausea and vomiting is another symptom displayed by claustrophobic people. Such people often have palpitations and they can also faint, if timely action is not taken.

Since claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed areas, it is assumed that this problem is caused when the person’s mind starts associating any closed area with danger.

This in turn can have psychological causes behind it as it has been found that many people who are claustrophobic have a bad past experience of enclosed areas.

Even a small innocent act of getting trapped in an enclosed room in your childhood years can have far stretched repercussions as that fear of childhood can get converted into the problem of claustrophobia.

Due to fear of anxiety attacks, many claustrophobic people tend to avoid going out to places. This in turn can affect their emotional and social growth. Thus, you must look into some ways by which you can overcome this problem of claustrophobia so that you can lead a normal, happy, and a relaxed life.

While there is therapeutic treatment for this problem, certain relaxation and de-stressing techniques can also help. In addition, behavior therapy and exposure therapy are some other modes of treating the problem of claustrophobia.

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