Symptoms of Epilepsy

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Symptoms of Epilepsy - Treatments of Epilepsy - Causes of Epilepsy - Medication for Epilepsy | Tips on - Find TipsEpilepsy occurs owing to sudden abnormal burst of electrical signals in the brain. The repeated seizures that are symptoms of epilepsy could be cured with proper medication. Although, people suffering from epilepsy could lead a normal life, but nonetheless, certain precautions need to be taken to avoid occurrence of any untoward incidents. People suffering from epilepsy are often advised not to swim or drive.

Causes of epilepsy

What triggers the unwanted electrical activities in the brain is not yet clear. Sometimes epilepsy is attributed to head injuries, brain stroke, brain tumor or infection in the brain.

Symptoms of epilepsy

Repeated seizures are symptoms of epilepsy. The senses of the person suffering from epilepsy might not work properly, your control over body muscles slacken, you might stare blankly, and you might fall down and lose consciousness. Although these are the symptoms of epilepsy but nonetheless, some of these symptoms might not strongly indicate that the person suffering from seizures is a patient of epilepsy. These symptoms might even occur if you are suffering from head injury or some other illness. A correct diagnosis is required to arrive at the correct conclusion.


If you are lucky, your condition can be cured through medication with least side effects. Antiepileptic medicines are found to reduce incidences of seizure in 7 out of 10 patients.

In some cases, surgery is recommended to remove tumors responsible for the seizures.

The latest treatment of epilepsy includes implanting a vagus nerve stimulator under the skin close to your collarbone. As soon as the seizure is triggered, the stimulator sends weak signals to the vagus nerve to help prevent the seizure.

Sometimes children suffering from epilepsy are recommended ketogenic diet. This diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrate are found to be effective in reducing seizures. It is unclear how ketogenic diet works in preventing epileptic seizures. The ketones, formed when fat metabolizes in the body, are linked in some way in curing epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is rich is butter, peanut butter and cream. Intake of carbohydrate rich foods, such as bread, wheat products, fruits and vegetable are to be restricted.

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