Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Symptoms of Gonorrhea - Chlamydia Gonorrhea - What is Gonorrhea - Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Vaginal Discharge | Tips on - Find TipsTraditionally known as “the clap”, gonorrhea, like other sexually transmitted diseases, is a dangerous bacterial infection that targets both men and women. It can lead to the development of pelvic inflammatory diseases if not taken care of.

In men and women, gonorrhea results in infertility, infection of the fallopian tubes and other myriad health problems such as eye problems, cervical and urethral.

Thought data accumulated over the years claim the dwindling ratio of gonorrhea, it is however still a fact that almost seven lakh people suffer from gonorrhea each year.

Gonorrhea Infection Symptoms And Causes

If you engage in sexual activity with someone already having gonorrhea, chances are per se for you to get it too. And by sexual activity I mean anal, vaginal and oral sex also. Pregnant women suffer from the risk of transferring the gonorrhea bacteria to the child at the time of child birth. Note than full penetrative sex is not necessary for this infection. Even if the tip of the penis touches the entrance of vagina, the infection will be transferred. Always use latex condoms from the beginning. It acts as a sheath from infections.

The symptoms of gonorrhea differ for both the sexes. A woman will show the symptoms of- painful sex, irritation while urinating, foul smelling vaginal discharge, dark yellow or green vaginal discharge.

Men show symptoms like- swelling of the testicles, heavy urination and more than often, itching during urination and oozing of yellow liquid from penis.

Diagnosis And Prevention

The only way to prevent is to have safe sex. And it is better if both the partners undergo a medical checkup before any sexual activity.

Gonorrhea is diagnosed by taking a sample of urine or of the discharge from both the penis and vagina. As with other STDs, it is treated with the help of anti-biotics. Take the medication seriously as it can recur. And check for Chlamydia too as it is often found that people who have gonorrhea also suffer from chlamydia too.

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