Symptoms Of Heart Attack in Women

Symptoms Of Heart Attack in Women

Symptoms Of Heart Attack in Women - How to Detect a Heart Attack in Women » Symptoms of Heart Attack Which Every Woman Should Be Aware OfSymptoms of an impending heart attack, especially in women, can pose a big problem. This is especially from the biological point of view. Is the female heart different from men, and how do you women differentiate?

The typical telltale signs
Men suffer from the following classic symptoms of a heart attack – Typical telltale symptoms of a pending heart attack in men include:
• Crushing chest pain.
• Radiating pain towards neck, jaw and shoulders.
• Light headedness and short breath.
• Nausea.
But these symptoms are not exclusively for men. They can appear in women as well. But then, females experience the problem happening gradually and symptoms are usually associated with some other conditions.

Telltale signs in women
Females, beware not to shrug your shoulders at some symptoms, writing them off as mere stressful conditions. One wishes they are… but maybe your heart would like to confide in you about something.

Some of the malevolent symptoms of a heart attack in a female would include:
1. Extreme exhaustion and whiteness of the face.
2. Unexplained anxiety.
3. Abdominal pain.
4. Back pain.
5. Fainting spells.
6. Racing heart.
7. Cold sweats.
These are only some symptoms. Are they familiar and frightening you?

Risking a heart ailment…
You must be aware of the symptoms which heart ailments bring about so that you can keep away from surgical invasion, rendering you into disability or death.

Many females tend to dismiss the symptoms without relating them to heart ailments. As a woman if you are being overwhelmed by such symptoms, you should be more careful about your health.

Cardiovascular ailments can occur if you are obese or suffering from diabetes, if you have been tested for high presence of triglycerides or found to have high levels of cholesterol or if you have heart disease in your family. If you have blood pressure and if you smoke, beware, you can be the next victim.

The only way to keep off from the attack is to try and change your lifestyle. A controlled diet and exercise regimen, lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet, brisk walking workouts and keeping away from a stressful system apart from monitoring your health regularly are important.

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