Symptoms of Insomnia & How To Treat Insomnia » Symptoms of Insomnia

Symptoms of Insomnia & How To Treat Insomnia » Symptoms of Insomnia

Symptoms of Insomnia & How To Treat Insomnia » Symptoms of InsomniaInsomnia is a disorder connected with sleeping, whereby the patient does not find it easy to sleep. Instead of sleeping, the patient will stay awake, sometimes throughout the night, and might only have small bouts of sleep and wake up in the middle. As a result, the person will be feeling sleepy throughout the day, can lose memory, and always feel tired and irritable.

It can be a chronic condition, or may be for a short time. In the short term condition, which can be for days or months, the individual will be put to lot of stress, spending sleepless nights throughout. Though every one of us suffer from this condition at some time or the other, maybe a restless night due to some mental stress but when it continues for days and in chronic cases sleeplessness can last even for months, causing considerable anxiety and inconvenience. Chronic Insomnia may be due to emotional disorders, medications which are very heavy or due to some other sicknesses.

The symptoms of this condition can be summarized as under:

Sleeping problems. When you do not get sleep for hours together even though you try to sleep, you may be suffering from Insomnia. Frequently getting up in the night and you cannot get back to sleep refers to Insomniac condition. Feeling tired on waking up, instead of feeling fresh. Because of the sleeplessness you will be fatigued, and your work will suffer. You may become irritated and tired even though you do no work, it refers to Insomniac conditions.

Sleeplessness can be due to emotional stress or problems that you have been facing in your day to day life. These aggravate the mental condition, and instead of retiring and relaxing, the mind will start thinking about the consequences of the problems which you are facing. The treatment lies not in taking sedatives, but trying to get rid of the problems that are causing stress to you. Though easily said, it is difficult to solve these problems, but then you have to learn to relax and ensure that you get a sound sleep. When you feel relaxed and have the right attitude to tackle the problems, Insomnia will not occur.

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