Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown

Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown

Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown - Causes of Nervous Breakdown - Mental Breakdown - Damaged Self Image » Causes and Symptoms of Nervous BreakdownModern life is associated with a lot of stress and strain and it is for this reason that there are a growing number of cases of nervous or mental breakdown.

Nervous breakdown refers to a condition in which a person suffers from extreme depression and anxiety leading to psychological or emotional collapse. This article will throw light on some causes and symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

As mentioned above, stress- both emotional and physical is a major cause for nervous breakdown. Every person has different tolerance level of stress. While some people can tolerate extreme stress without breaking down, there are others who breakdown after a certain threshold of stress tolerance gets breached.

Other causes of nervous breakdown include depression, alcohol or drug abuse, strained relationships and social isolation.

A person who suffers from a nervous breakdown exhibits signs and symptoms like restlessness, disorientation, agitation, and episodes of persistent crying without any specific reason.

Such people are unable to concentrate on their personal and professional life and suffer from extreme weakness and tiredness.

People suffering from a nervous breakdown have feelings of despair and guilt along with a feeling of being worthless. They thus suffer from a damaged self image and lose their self confidence.

Along with the above given symptoms, nervous breakdown can also lead to memory problems which leads to difficulty in recollecting things. In addition, sleeplessness or disturbed sleep cycles, and lack of appetite are some other signs of nervous breakdown.

People suffering from nervous breakdown are unable to make right decisions as they suffer from confusion and lack clarity of thoughts. Such people can also display symptoms like weight loss without any specific cause.

People suffering from nervous breakdown require emotional support of their near and dear ones. Also, one should seek medical and professional support, especially when the symptoms seem to worsen.

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