Symptoms Of Sleep apnea

Symptoms Of Sleep apnea

Symptoms Of Sleep apnea - Types Of Sleep apnea & Facts About Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is a term used for the pausing of breathing during sleep and is very common. Millions of people are suffering from this disorder worldwide. There are basically three types of sleep apnea.

These are OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and mixed sleep apnea. Treatment of this disorder is available and is completely curable. However, a person must know the symptoms of sleep apnea so that he can contact a doctor. Apart from adults, sleep apnea is found in children also.

Commonest sleep apnea is OSA. Its symptoms include excessive sleepiness during daytime, as a person cannot enjoy a sound night sleep; lethargic attitude or walking after sleep and tiredness. Since a person does not get full sleep, he is not able to concentrate on any task and sometimes, loss of memory also occurs. There are also significant changes in the personality of a person. As the disorder progresses, a person also suffers from headaches in the morning and at night.

It has been observed that 50% of people suffering from OSA report frequent headaches. At night, a person can also suffer a sour taste in the mouth, which may be due to heartburn or acid reflux. In many cases of OSA, swelling also appears in the legs. While sleeping, a person can also suffer chest pain. Sweating also becomes frequent during the night. A person may get up frequently in night for urinating also.

People suffering from other forms of sleep apnea may also encounter some other symptoms. For example, repeated mild apnea, in which a person does not breathe for short durations, can occur. This generally occurs five to six times in an hour. In severe cases, a person may encounter this up to 50 times in an hour. Loud snoring is also observed in the patients. All people suffering from sleep apnea snores. This is followed by restless turning on sides during the sleep. In some cases, gasping spells are also observed.

Symptoms of sleep apnea in children vary. If child is younger than 5 years, mouth breathing, snoring, restlessness, frequent sweating etc are some of symptoms. In children over 5 years of age, symptoms include bed wetting, poor academic record at school, snoring, etc.

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