Syrian Student Protest Turns Violent

Syrian Student Protest Turns Violent

Syrian Student Protest Turns Violent - Student Killed After Syria Forces Attack Damascus University Protest?Saddened and disheartened by the government’s indifferent attitude towards the problems of the masses at large, the students of the Syrian university took the law and order in there hands when the protest for free democratic country turned violent on Monday.

The police arrested several protesters and beat up many which was the reason for the Monday’s protest turning violent, Protesters kept shouting freedom slogans as the movement entered its third week, though the government has started a crackdown on the movement , it has been gathering support in a steady manner.

On viewing the video footage of the protest shows policemen dressed in plain clothes beating the protesters and using force to separate the march of the students in the Damascus University. The corroboration of the video was given by a number of activists but on the pretext of keeping their identity anonymous for the fear of reprisal. The protest of the people to have reforms in the authoritarian rule of President Bashar Assad has entered its third week , the protest has been gathering momentum with tens of thousand people now joining to ask the President have some reforms in the authoritarian government.

The International community is also somewhat indifferent to the violence taking place in Syria as they feel that the President Bashar is very different from the likes of Muammar Gaddafi and the former is a reformer and is working for the people. According to Human rights group there has been approximate 170 protest related deaths till now , though the US secretary state played down involvement of the United States in this matter, The French authorities called the violence in Syria to be “unacceptable” and condemned the acts of the Bashar’s government. The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also expressed that the violence against peaceful demonstrators was not justified and investigations would be taking place regarding the matter.

Till now most of the protest activities including most of the demonstrations have not taken place in the Capital, rather it has been taking place outside the city. The gathering of students in Damascus has highlighted the boldness among the protesters as the movement would be entering the fourth week in no time. According to the activists, Most of the students involved in the gathering and protest in Damascus are from Daraa– The city situated in the south and has become the source of violence, there were 4 protest related death reported from the city on Sunday.

About 2000 people gathered for the funeral of the 4 people who died on Sunday, They kept on chanting “Death is better than humiliation”. These people came to the funeral after having there noon prayers. To have safeguards against spread of violence after the death of 4 people, the military was called in the city. Key positions in and around the city were taken by the soldiers. Though finding the situation normal they rolled back after several hours and kept there positions to the outskirts of the city. The streets and shops were deserted for the fear of more clashes.

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