Taiwanese "one girl band" Gains Fame As Video Goes Viral?

Taiwanese "one girl band" Gains Fame As Video Goes Viral?

Taiwanese "one girl band" Gains Fame As Video Goes Viral? - Multi- Tasking Taiwanese Musician Goes Viral on YouTubeVideo Sharing and Social Networking websites are known to give platform to several upcoming artists to display their talents. There are uncountable success stories and innumerable stars made by these websites.

Justin Bieber, before he became an international star and heartthrob of girls all over the globe, was uploading his videos just like you and me on the You Tube. Bieber was later discovered by his manager, Scooter Braun, in the year 2008 when he was accessing the website. Impressed by his vocal talents Braun contacted him and consequently signed him.

And after his first album Bieber became a Superstar. Just like Bieber, Owl City and Bobby Ray Simmons,Jr aka B.O.B owes their success to Social Networking Websites. Apart from them, there are plenty of talented people that are making millions through these websites.

Shara Lin is the latest Asian star made by You Tube website. She amazed around four million people through her musical multi tasking. For a performance an artist needs a band or solo artists, right? Well think again, as this Taiwanese star doesn’t need anybody, she is her own band as she plays zither, piano and violin all by her self and that too at the same time. Within three weeks of her multi tasking music talents on You Tube, she received more than four million views from all over the globe.

As the video went viral this Taiwanese girl earned a lot of fame. You can visit You Tube and see Shara performing Jolin Tsai’s ‘Dancing Diva‘ . She worked continuously for five days to prepare this performance in which she played a blend of Taiwanese pop and classical music, for the performance she was tucking her violin under the chin while stretching out to both zither and piano.

While Shara prepares her next performance and continues on the journey of success, we would like to appreciate the role played by these social networking and video sharing website through which several talented people get the platform and we get the joy of witnessing and appreciating their work and talent.

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