Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner - How to Clean Your Air Conditioner - Maintenance Of your Air Conditioner | Tips on - Find TipsProper care and maintenance of your air conditioner will not only extend its life but efficient functioning of the air conditioner will also help in economizing your energy bill by making it consume less energy.

Keep your air conditioner clean and clear

Since the condenser of the air conditioner is placed outside the house, it should be kept clear of debris, leaves and grasses. Make sure that nothing is obstructing the vent or any other unit of the condenser from the outside. If your air conditioner is near a tree or bush, make sure that all sorts of leaves and branches are at least one or two feet away from the condenser.

While cleaning your air conditioner always follow the service manual. Each part of the air conditioner has different cleaning method. Before starting the cleaning process, turn off the power to the air conditioner. To clean the motor fan and compressor, use an air hose to blow the dust from these parts.

Permanent air filter could be washed with a mild detergent to remove the dirt. If you air conditioner, doesn’t have permanent air filter, it should be replaced when required. Coils could be washed with a damp cloth or a soft brush or by spraying with water. Check for leaks in the air ducts and hoses of the air conditioner. Lubricate the fan and motor occasionally to allow them to run smoothly.

Keep your air conditioner in a shade

If your air conditioner unit is kept away from sunlight and heat, it does not consume too much energy to cool the coils. Less energy consumption saves your energy bill.

Use automatic thermostat

When we are not in the house, to save energy we often switch off the air conditioner. However, switching on and off the air conditioner frequently could damage the switches and even the thermostat might develop problems. You should set the temperature of your thermostat, and your air conditioner will be running in a cycle. Fitting an automatic thermostat that can be programmed to make your house a little warm when you are away, will further simplify your task. Instead of running the fan of your air conditioner all the time, run it in the auto mode.

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