Taking your baby for a bath

Taking your baby for a bath

Taking your baby for a bath - How to bathe your baby - Bathing your baby - Tips on bathing your baby » Taking your baby for a bath-Read this!Bathing your baby is one such tasks that you do not need to do everyday. This is because your new born do not go out and play in the dirt! Remember the only area on his body that needs to be washed up daily is the diaper area. So make sure you thoroughly clean his bottom with a medicated soap especially designed for new born babies with water after his/her each bowel movement to prevent any kind of diaper rash. If he/she just urinates, cleaning him/her with plain water is sufficient. Make sure to dry the areas near creases. If during a feeding, milk drips into the creases of his or her neck, make sure you clean the area with water and then dry it using a baby’s towel.

When you take your baby for a bath, try to incorporate some fun element in the process of bathing, so that you both can gain some enjoyment from it. You can make use of commercial tubs especially designed for babies having special hammock in which you can easily place your baby so that you can keep both your hand free. If you wish, you can even make use of large sink, but don’t forget to warp a cloth around the faucet to protect your baby from any kind of injury. By cradling your baby in the crook of your arm and holding his/her arm with your hand, you can have a free hand to wash him/her up. Before bathing your baby, also make sure that you have all the supplies of essential items for bathing kept handy by your side. Make sure you do not leave alone your baby in the process of bathing even for a single second to protect him/her from any kind of mis-happening.

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