Tantra Yoga Exercises

Tantra Yoga Exercises

Tantra Yoga Exercises - Yoga Therapy - Yoga Exercise - Tantra Yoga Meditation » The importance of tantric yoga exercisesAlmost every one in this modern world knows the importance and benefits of yoga. Yoga not only gives good health and fitness, rather it is also known for providing peace to our mind and spirit. Now-a-days every one is keen on performing yoga. There are various types of yoga exercises which provide peace and fitness. Among several exercises, most important exercises are known as tantric yoga exercises. There are millions of people who perform different yoga exercises everyday in order to get peace and harmony.

These tantric yoga exercises are performed as they are useful in getting a fit anal and a healthy genital area. The anal and genital areas are very important as they are responsible for providing good sexual abilities. In addition, these exercises are also necessary for a healthy respiratory and breathing system. Some tantric yoga poses and breathing exercises, when performed together shows great effects in our body, for example they help in proper functioning of the anal and genital tract. They benefit our body in several ways like they make our muscles strong; help us to get rid of all the problems of anal and genital tract and many more. Performing yoga regularly boosts our sexual abilities. These exercises also create an inspiring response in our spine and helps in refreshing our whole body. They help in exciting the physiological functions of the respiratory system, which helps our body in destroying the bacteria’s attacking our body. Thus there are really enormous benefits of performing tantric yoga exercises.

The two important breathing exercises are:-

Exercise 1:-

Put a pillow on the floor and sit on it with legs crossed and back straight. After emptying your lungs, take fresh air in for 4 seconds. Breathing should be done using your diaphragm and ensure that the stomach comes out. Then make use of your chest muscles and then fill your lungs completely using the muscles close to the shoulders.

Control your breath for 16 seconds and then start breathing out slowly. Try to do it in three easy stages using all the above three muscles again to get the best benefits.

Exercise 2:-

Sit on the floor using a pillow with legs crossed and back straight. Start taking quick breaths one after other for at least 10 times. However, while doing so don’t breath too fast as you may feel strained. While breathing in, use your diaphragm so that your stomach goes out, then use your chest muscles and then fill the lungs entirely using the muscles close to the shoulders.

Then start breathing out slowly using all the three muscles you used to breathe in. Hold your breathing for 10 seconds and then breathe it out smoothly.

So, making yoga a part of life helps in staying fit and healthy and makes our life calm and peaceful.

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