Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo Designs For Girls - Tattoo Ideas For Girls - Shooting Star Tattoo Designs - Lower Back Tattoo Designs | Fashion & BeautyThough considered taboo for girls to sport tattoos, they are in vogue once again. A rebellious form of body art, tattoos flaunted by most men have quite stylish options for the fairer sex too.

Tattoos are often custom made for individuals, to suit their personality. Girls on the other hand, show them off as a chic fashion statement. Designs which are delicate and feminine are the ones loved by girls.

Locations of getting a tattoo though, are countless, but here are the most popular spots!

Subtle yet sophisticated tattoo designs look great on the wrists. Ankles as a spot for sporting a tattoo are common, as you get to show off your well toned legs as well as your tattoo, in dresses, skirts, shorts and the like. These tattoos actually give a character to any simple outfit.

Tramp stamps, or the lower back area are quite popular among young girls. It looks attractive and hot for ones who have a sexy back. The tattoos made here can vary with size or can even quote stuff, something that most celebrities are going for.

Another cool spot for tattoos is the back of the neck. Side-ponies, a messy bun and various hairstyles can be chosen while flaunting your design fashionably.

They look fantastic on the shoulders too, the front neck and arms.

Some designs that the girls seem more inclined towards subtle designs inspired by nature. Flowers are popular, as they signify beauty and youth. The most graceful flower design is the rose, as it is considered pure, romantic and above all, stands for love.

Star designs have religious and scientific meanings but that doesn’t stop it from being all the rage among the fashion conscious. Designs like moon-star, shooting star and nautical star are quite trendy.

And the most popular and loved symbol of all time is the heart. Considered to be a pictogram for love, and affection, heart tattoos are opted by both men and women. Often their lover’s name is written across the design.

Other designs include the butterfly and angel. While butterflies are of the pretty lot and signify love, luck and peace, angels are a symbol of hope and innocence.

Do a little survey of tattoos and their designs before you zero on the perfect ‘one’, as they are a sure shot sign of your nature and attitude.

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