Teaching Your Child To Focus

Teaching Your Child To Focus

Teaching Your Child To Focus - How To Teach Your Child To Exercise - Ways To Teach Your Child The Different Activities » Teaching Your Child to FocusChildren are curious people. Their attention span is limited as they continue to find new things that attract them. It is hard for children to focus on one activity when other activities are going on around them. While you want your child to be inquisitive and explore, sometimes their bouncy nature can be hard to control. As they continue to grow they should be able to focus on one item or activity at a time. If your child is still having a difficult time focusing, this may present a problem as they can become disruptive. Use the following techniques to teach your child how to focus.

This first exercise is called Bird on a Mountain. With this exercise you ask your child to stand in one place like a mountain. Their feet should be together and their arms straight down at their sides. Instruct your child to stand as still as possible as you try to distract them.

The Flamingo Pose starts off in the mountain position. Have your child raise their right leg up by bending the knee. When their knee is bent, have them extend their arms to the side. Now have them move their arms like they are flapping their wings. Have them focus on something in the room while they are doing this. Repeat with the other leg.

The Dancer Pose is a bit more difficult. As the child stands in the mountain position, have them move their left leg behind them and balance on the right foot. Have your child lean backwards while placing their left hand on their left foot. Your child may need to hold onto you or a chair for balance.

This next game is a fun, interactive activity for children. Take a handful of coins and place them on the table. Arrange the coins in a pattern either based on their size or their monetary value depending on the child’s age. Have your child study the pattern you have made. Now cover up the coins you have arranged and ask the child to recreate the pattern based on their memory. An exercise such as this should be reserved for older children.

By integrating the child’s mind and body, you can teach them how to focus. Have your child sit down for a period of time. Tell them that they are not to move. With a stopwatch, clock the length of time that they are able to sit still. Once they break their pose, tell them how long their stayed still for and challenge them to break that record. Mind-Body Interaction activities stimulate the child’s neurological connections.

Though puzzles are a fun way to teach children how to focus. Depending on their age and their mental capacity, give them picture puzzles or word puzzles. The puzzles will cause them to concentrate on what they are doing.

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