Teen weight loss

Teen weight loss

Teen weight loss - Safe steps to a healthy weight » Weight loss plans for teensIf your teen is overweight, he or she is probably concerned about the excess weight, too. Aside from lifelong health risks such as high blood pressure and diabetes, the social and emotional fallout of being overweight can be devastating for a teenager. It can also be frustrating to attempt weight loss and have poor results.

You should offer support and gentle understandingand a willingness to help your teen take control of the problem and in other case, if you are a teenager who has weight problems, then you have to know that you are at danger. It is of utmost importance that you stay calm about the whole matter and don’t start following some unhealthy ways to reduce weight. Although these so called weight loss programs might seem to work at first, but these also have some adverse effects on the body.

Candy is still fattening because of the sugar content. When sugar is not burned off, it turns into fat. So don’t be misleading when you read a label and you see low amounts of fats. The calorie and sugar count matter too. If you are craving something sweet, munch on some sugar free candy or fruit instead. Having fresh, green vegetables is a good way of staying healthy, getting all the required vitamins and calories and losing weight in the process. But make sure you don’t go on an all out vegetarian diet.

Having fish, eggs, meat is also necessary because these provide various important minerals and proteins to the body that will ultimately help you to be fit and lose the extra weight. In addition to this, fitness is also important. Most teens might not have that kind of money to join a gymnasium or fitness club but what you can do is take part in activities that happen in school. This will give you ample opportunity to exercise each part of the body.

There are various choices available when it comes to activities; namely, soccer, softball, tennis, racquetball and more. Like adults, teens need about 60 minutes of physical activity a day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean 60 solid minutes at a stretch. Shorter, repeated bursts of activity during the day can help burn calories, too. In fact, any physical activity counts.

Unless you are seriously overweight, the most effective way to reduce weight is to eat healthily and take regular exercise. Amazingly, many teenagers don’t choose this tried-and-tested method. Instead, they prefer “instant solutions” to their weight concerns – solutions that typically cause ill health and weight gain. If you are seriously overweight, talk to your parents or talk to your doctor and ask for advice. Most doctors will put you in contact with a qualified dietitian who can give you a healthy calorie-controlled eating plan, together with advice on how to increase your exercise level.

Simple tips as weight loss plans for teens

Saturate dried plums in water overnight and drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat daily for one month.

Eat a lot of cabbage, can eat as a salad or added to other food. Try to replace one meal with a cabbage meal.

Drink 3 cups of green Chinese tea to deal with the extra weight.

Diet natural treatment: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey to half a cup of lukewarm water and half a cup of lime juice. Drink 3 times daily with meal.

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