The $134,000 G-string » The $134,000 G-string

The $134,000 G-string » The $134,000 G-string

The $134,000 G-string » The $134,000 G-stringA diamond G-string costing S$168,000 ($A134, 000) was the spotlight of a lingerie fashion show in Singapore on last Thursday.

The Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong had 518 magnificent-cut diamonds, totaling 30 carats, dotted into the front of a black lace G-string in a floral pattern.
The sexy underwear that left a bit for the imagination also has 27 white gold tassels hanging off it.

Danielle Luminita, a model from Romania, was carrying down the runway on the shoulders of two handsome hunks wearing only the diamond G-string that drew everybody’s attention.

The thong is so comfortable and it is not heavy or scratchy or anything as said by Luminita on backstage.

A spokeswoman for Triumph International, the lingerie company, which commissioned the G-string, said that that would be dry-cleaned before going for display. “It’s a signature piece, obviously we aren’t going to sell it,” she further added.

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