The Beach Ball

The Beach Ball

The Beach Ball - Playing ball at the beach - beach ball girl - beach volley ball » The Beach BallWhen we think about heading out to the beach, we often think about packing sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and beach chairs. But next time you go to the beach don’t forget the beach ball! The longtime tradition of the beach ball at the beach has not faded in popularity over the years and is constantly finding ways to create laughter and fun all summer long.

The round inflatable circle of fun has been around for decades – and although has been altered and changed in design, pattern and type of plastic used, the basic principles have remained the same over time. The beach ball is one of the few things that have not been totally reinvented over the years. It has always been a symbol of summer, surf and sun.

It was originally designed as an object that could float in the water and entertain the kids on a day at the beach and has turned into an object used in all kinds of water games and even water sports. Adults and kids alike have been enjoying the beach ball and the fun games that can come about. Whether it is in the pool or in the ocean or a lake, the beach ball is versatile and you can always think of new ways to play with it and new games to invent.

One of the most popular games played with a beach ball is water volleyball. As a fun recreational event in the summer, either in a pool or lake, you can set up a net and anchor it down in the water, get a couple of teams together and have yourself a game of water volleyball!

Another great aspect of the beach ball is the calories you can burn when playing games with it in the water. It takes a lot of exertion for us to move our bodies in the water and adding the challenge of jumping, running and trying to keep the beach ball from hitting water can burn a lot of calories, and in a fun way.

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