The Benefits Of Walking

The Benefits Of Walking

The Benefits Of Walking - Walking For Weight Loss - Walking For Health Benefits » The Benefits Of WalkingWalking can be the perfect aerobic exercise, which is of low impact but has many health benefits. What a deal, and so why not! To list some of the benefits – it conditions the heart and lungs, helps one lose weight, and strengthens the bones. You do not need any special equipment. A pair of good walking shoes and comfortable, loose fitting clothes is all you need. It is a well-researched fact that those who walk more than 20 miles per week outlive others who do not walk. What a good bargain!

Some of the more specific health issues concerned with walking are it help to lower LDL (‘Bad cholesterol”) readings and raise HDL (“good cholesterol”) readings. It lowers hypertension and it helps manage diabetes (Type 2).

When you go for a walk start at a slow pace and then increase the pace. After you warm up do all the different types of stretches.

There are so many benefits of walking. You can extend your life by two minutes if you walk for one minute. Walking at least 20 minutes in a day can bring down your weight by more than 5 lbs in a year.

Watch what you eat. An innocent handful of chocolates consumed can cause you to walk 2 kms to undo the damage.

It is best to walk at a medium pace, not too fast and not too slow. It will take longer to complete the circuit. To condition the heart and lungs, short fast walks are the best.

Walking helps to burn the fat in the body. The rate of metabolism is increased so that calories are burnt even when asleep. Much of your stress is relieved with walking. You do not age quickly. The risk of some cancers, like colorectal and breast cancer is reduced with walking. It helps in digestion.

Helps you have a restful sleep. It strengthens the muscles and in older women helps to prevent osteoporosis, strengthens the bones, and prevents loss of bone density. If there is stiffness because of arthritis or inaction, walking helps to reduce and remove the stiffness.

For those who are concerned with beauty, it helps improve the condition of the skin, because of the increased circulation.

So we cannot overlook the benefits. There could be too much to lose if we ignore the benefits of walking. So take out those walking shoes and get started.

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