The best food Chains in the world

The best food Chains in the world

The best food Chains in the world - Fast Food Restaurants » Top Fast Food ChainsFast food restaurants have taken us by storm in the last decades. They have gained popularity worldwide and continue to grow. They have become a way of life in so many people’s hectic lifestyles. They offer us a wide assortment of options, ranging from hamburgers to subs, chicken to pizza and just about every food group in between.

So what are the top fast food chains in the industry? Most are probably very familiar to you, but depending on where you live, there could be one you haven’t heard of.

1. The number one spot belongs to Subway. Not surprisingly, with the trends of restaurants going towards a more healthy way of life, Subway is familiar to most of us and offers us variety and healthy options.

2. Second place goes to McDonalds. Again, not a big surprise with that one. They have been around for a long time and have built an empire in the fast food niche.

3. Coming in next at third place is Pizza Hut. They are the best-ranked pizza chain in the industry.

4. Fourth place goes to Burger King, which offers us the famous flame-broiled hamburgers.

5. Fifth place is Kentucky Fried Chicken, the only fast food chain specializing in chicken dinners to make the top list.

6. Sixth place was awarded to Wendy’s, whose claim to fame is making fresh hamburgers made to order.

7. Seventh place was earned by Domino’s Pizza, making it the second most popular pizza chain on the list.

8. Taco Bell claimed eighth place, being the only taco food chain on the list.

Although these were eight fast food restaurants that earned a spot as being the best, there are hundreds of them worldwide, and they don’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. With the chaos of the modern day world, it seems more and more of us are relying on fast food joints to solve our hunger and meal problems everyday.

Whether you pick up a breakfast sandwich on the way to work, or a sub on your lunch break, you can be assured there is a fast food restaurant right around the corner for you.

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