The Birth Partner

The Birth Partner

The Birth Partner - Choosing Your Birth Partner - Tips For Birth Partners » The Perfect Birth PartnerGiving birth to a baby is a difficult thing to do and so is selecting the perfect birth partner. Usually women opt for their partner to do the job and rightly so, because he has been there the whole time and so might as well be there for the end and the most crucial part of giving birth to a baby.

Here are some examples of potential birth partners. Have a look and decide for yourself.


Usually the partner is with you the whole time you were pregnant and therefore, ideally, he should be aware of your needs and be able to comfort you and support you more than anybody else. Besides that, you love him and if you have a great connection with him, then nobody else can do the job better.

However, if he is ill-informed, then that can cause problems for you because then he will just end up feeling left out and unable to help. In addition to this, he should be calm and not take it personally if you shout at him. He should be understanding and mature enough to do so. You can encourage him to attend antenatal classes with you so that he is prepared enough.


A friend is also a great option for a birth partner. She has been with you through rough times and smooth, and you know you can rely on her. Especially if she has had a birth of her own, she can prove to be great help. She understands exactly what you are going through and can give you support and guidance when you need.

However, if she has not given birth herself, she might not be up for the task. Have an honest discussion with her about this and encourage her to share her views and concerns regarding this.


If you find a friend in your sister then go for her. She knows you well; she has seen you at your best and at your worst. There is almost nothing that she doesn’t know about you. She will make a great birth partner. Besides, she will know how to calm you down and reassure you when required.

However, if things are not good between your family and your husband, then bringing your sister in will only create unnecessary tension and you will not be able to relax.


She has been there in all your troubles, so why not turn to your mother at this most crucial and important time of your life? She will provide great support and help. Although she can bombard you with outdated and unscientific advice, she still is a great choice.

Make the right choice

You might find this very confusing, but do not let it get to you. You can follow the following checklist to select your perfect birth partner.

•   You should feel comfortable, safe and at ease in their presence.

•   You should be able to communicate well with him/her.

•   The person should be mature enough not take any swearing or shouting on your part personally.

•   He/she should be able to see in you in pain.

•   He/she should be able to take charge and help to boost your confidence.

•   He/she should be well-informed about giving birth.

•   He/she should be available.

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