The Bonsai types

The Bonsai types

The Bonsai types - Types of bonsai trees - Bonsai plants - How to keep bonsai » The Bonsai typesBonsai plants are very attractive and able to décor your house with their grace and beauty. Bonsai plants are generally those plants that have small leaves, many branches and roots that are grounded up. The cultivation of Bonsai plants is mainly depends on the choice of a person. So, you are free to choose any shrub or tree plant to convert it into a Bonsai.

If you want to add the Bonsai plant in you garden, then for that you can select the plants from your local nursery. There are lots of varieties and styles of Bonsai plants that you can see in the nurseries or on internet in order to select anyone for your garden.

However, out of the number of styles, there are two basic and common styles available in the market. And they are ‘comic’ or informal (bunjin) and classic (Koten). The classic Bonsai has trunk with wider base that regularly tapers towards top. Whereas, the bunjin is totally opposite from classic and it is very easy to handle.

In addition, there are some other Bonsai types also available. Among them the top five are: Formal upright, Cascade and Semi-cascade, Informal upright and Slanting (or windswept).

The Formal upright is basically a Bonsai tree that has straight trunk which tapers evenly and naturally from base to top. This Bonsai has many branches that are mostly grown towards out in open and perfectly spaced out. It is one of the most demanding styles among people who love Bonsai. Mainly the Maples and Pines are preferred for such style.

Informal upright is a type of Bonsai that has variation in its styles. As you know that growth of plants is mainly depend upon the intensity of light because it is required for the process of photosynthesis. This is the reason why plants change their direction of growth on the base of wind and light. Therefore, in informal Bonsai by changing the direction of light and wind you can have new style. However, this style also requires the same tapered trunk. The direction of trunk and branches in informal growth is mainly easier within Japanese Maple, Pomegranate. Trident Maple and Conifers.

The other types like slanting has straight or curved trunk either in left or right with lots of roots that grows away from trunk. This type is mainly achieved with the help of wiring. For such type you can also use slanted pot. In Cascade type, trunk has winding looks with light desperately branches. In addition, the Semi Cascade you can have cherries, Junipers and cedars trees on your table.

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