The Chaperone Movie Review

The Chaperone Movie Review

The Chaperone Movie Review - The Chaperone Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingRemember the movie Mr. Nanny which had the then WWE champion Hulk Hogan essaying the role of a nanny who needed to handle a bunch of spoilt brats? And remember ‘Kindergarten Cop’ where you got to see muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger handle an entire class of kindergarten students? Well, if you really liked those movies, you would probably take a liking to the recently released ‘The Chaperone’ which revolves around a similar base plot with a few tweaks added in between for differentiation purposes.

Released on February 18, 2011, ‘The Chaperone’ is directed by Stephen Herek and stars WWE Champ Paul Levesque (popularly known as Triple HHH in the wrestling circuit). And while the film stands apart from its contemporaries with regards to the use of a real wrestler to essay the lead role, it fails to deliver inspite of being produced by the WWE Studios which have given us other wrestlers like John Cena and Adam Edge. Too bad for Paul Levesque who probably thought that this would be his ultimate launch vehicle!

‘The Chaperone’ starts off with the introduction of Ray Bradstone (Levesque) who has just finished serving a 7 year prison term for robbing a bank. And inspite of still looking very much like the thug he used to be (hefty and stern), Ray has vowed to change for the better.

As a start towards his reformation, Ray buries himself under texts and stories that revolve around self discovery. He also makes regular calls to a local radio station to share is personal experiences and developments.

The Chaperone Movie Review - The Chaperone Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Another decision that is high up in Ray’s list of priorities is his wish to make up with his ex-wife Lynn (Annabeth Gish) and daughter Sally (Ariel Winter). However, his stories of reformation have little effect on them as they reject him promptly.

Dejected and mentally wounded, Ray meets his old criminal pals and their head Philip (Kevin Corrigan) who happened to be one of his closest buddies when it came to being partners in crime. And when Philip offers Ray a chance to get back into the group, the latter almost agrees to the offer, an action that leads him to join the gang as they are about to rob a bank.

However, Ray’s conscience start pricking him and he opts out of the heist at the last minute, choosing instead to accompany his daughter (who is pretty hostile with him) on a museum field trip. There is one hitch though! Ray accidentally brings along the bag which contains the loot on the trip.

And thus starts a series of chases by both Ray’s ex pals and the police who try to intercept the field trip and get their hands on the money. In addition to fending them off, Ray has to contend with his daughter’s icy cold looks (she thinks he stole the money) and handle a bus full of restless students.

The Chaperone Movie Review - The Chaperone Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

As the movie wears on, the field trip becomes extremely thrilling and dangerous (and fun for the occupants who don’t realise the seriousness of the issue until later). How Ray manages to ward off the criminals and escape from the police in addition to reconnecting with his wife and daughter forms the rest of the story of ‘The Chaperone’.

The problem with ‘The Chaperone’ is a mediocre screenplay (courtesy S. J. Roth) and the flat direction of the same. The movie is extremely predictable with little twists and turns whatsoever! And so, by the time the the climax finally arrives (you know beforehand that it would probably be a scene portraying a showdown of sorts between Ray and Philip), you seem to have lost your interest; and patience.

Levesque has tried hard to essay the role of the emotionally wrought Ray who has a much softer side to him in stark contrast to his unruly demeanor. And you got to admit it! The actor, I mean wrestler nearly manages to come out with a praiseworthy performance. However, that alone would not be able to save the film which falls flat on its face pretty soon into the narrative and never gets up from there!

The Chaperone Movie Review - The Chaperone Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Our Verdict: Watch it only if you want to watch ‘Triple HHH’ screaming at the top of his lungs at a bunch of high school students, who unlike his WWE spectators, don’t give so much as a second thought to what he has to say!

Director: Stephen Herek

Cast: Paul ‘Triple HHH’ Levesque, Ariel Winter, Annabeth Gish and Kevin Corrigan

Rating: 2/5

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