The Double Hour Movie Review

The Double Hour Movie Review

The Double Hour Movie Review - The Double Hour Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingReleased on April 15th, 2011, ‘The Double Hour’ is directed by debutant director Giuseppe Capatondi (Italian) and focuses on a classic tale of love, guilt and deception. And although psychologically intriguing and pretty ambiguous, the film portrays Slavic women as they are commonly perceived by outsiders; as tormented souls who never see get to see the light of day (Veniciens are not complaining however).

Sonia (played by Ksenia Rappoport) is a Slovenian immigrant who works as a hotel maid in Turin. Tired of her lonely life, she decides to find a soul mate via a local speed dating event. While there, she happens to meet Guido (Filippo Timi), a retired cop who now works as a security guard.

Something about Guido’s dark, broody personality attracts Sonia who finds herself heading out with him (on the first meeting itself) to a remote country home for a quick weekend getaway. Yearning to get away from her seemingly dull urban life, Sonia is in for a rude shock when she discovers that things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Just when Sonia and Guido are getting to know each other better, the latter is mysteriously murdered. Worse yet, Sonia gets wounded in a hold up and becomes delusional. She begins to drift between consciousness and a state of slumber frequently, without being able to differentiate between them.

The Double Hour Movie Review - The Double Hour Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Slowly, Sonia starts seeing Guido everywhere, and the other people who surround her suddenly seem menacing. All these events have a toll on Sonia to the point that she becomes jittery and even starts jumping at shadows in her apartment.

Is Sonia becoming paranoid? Is a secret that she is harboring deep inside, threatening to engulf her? Or was the entire death of Guido a setup with the blame falling on Sonia for reasons best left unexplained? Director Capotondi aptly builds the tension in the film and keeps the suspense intact till the stupendous climax.

ving appropriate twists and scares in places where the narrative tends to slow down in pace, Capotondi effectively infuses the thrill quotient in the screenplay by tricking the viewers into reaching the wrong conclusion several times during the movie’s run time of 95 minutes.

The film rides entirely on Sonia’s shoulders; and Ksenia Rappoport has done a wonderful job of essaying the role of a brooding, cliched individual to perfection. Filippo Timi as Guido doesn’t have much to do in this film but still manages to leave an impression within the time alloted to time. The supporting cast which includes Gaetano Bruno and Antonia Truppo is praiseworthy as well.

The Double Hour Movie Review - The Double Hour Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Our Verdict: Capotondi has come out with a startling debut and manages to impress with his very first directorial venture. The movie has received wonderful reviews and has also bagged several awards at the Venice Film Festival. Definitely a blockbuster of sorts in the Italian circuit, ‘The Double Hour’ would most definitely enjoy the attention of international audiences as well. So don’t miss it!

Director: Giuseppe Capotondi

Cast: Ksenia Rappoport, Filippo Timi, Antonia Truppo, Giorgio Colangeli, Lucia Poli, Gaetano Bruno, Michele Di Mauro and Fausto Russo Alesi

Rating: 4/5

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