The Ending Explanation Of Lost Is Finally Out

The Ending Explanation Of Lost Is Finally Out

Lost was the very definition of an ensemble show, with a large cast of characters who each received their own well-developed arc and fleshed-out backstory. However, even though the series had dozens of "main" characters throughout its run, most viewers would probably agree that if you had to pick a single main character for the show, it was Jack Shephard. The first episode opened on a shot of Jack's eye opening, and the series ended on a similar shot of his eyes closing, bookending the series on Jack's point of view. And all throughout Lost, Jack served as a leader and central figure for the survivors of Oceanic 815.

Ultimately, of course, all of the Oceanic 815 survivors wound up reconnecting in the afterlife in the final episode of Lost, including Jack. However, the afterlife narrative wound up confusing many viewers due to the show presenting it as an alternate reality for the entire last season. So it's understandable to be uncertain about what really happened to Jack and Lost's other central characters by the end of the series.

Jack may have died in the final episode, bleeding to death of stab wounds inflicted by the Man in Black, but he made some hugely significant actions in his final hours. He briefly agreed to take over from Jacob as the protector of the Island, after which he immediately fought the Man in Black to the death. In his final moments, he said goodbye to Kate and Sawyer, appointed Hurley as the island's new protector, and replaced the cork in the heart of the island that temporarily turned the Man in Black mortal, while also threatening to sink the island and destroy the world. After Jack saved the island and everyone he loved, he finally succumbed to his wounds and died.


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