The Falcon: The Untold Truth Of The Marvel Superhero

The Falcon: The Untold Truth Of The Marvel Superhero

We know very little about what the plot of Falcon and Winter Soldier will be, but it isn't too hard to speculate. There are a few runs from the comics that seem like very likely contenders, especially considering where the characters left off after Avengers: Endgame.

The most likely route for the show to take would involve borrowing beats from the Sam Wilson: Captain America run. In 2015, Captain America fought a battle with the Iron Nail. Even though he eventually proved victorious, the Super Soldier Serum was drained from his body, causing Steve Rogers to age rapidly. He passed the mantle to Sam Wilson, who had to cope with the responsibilities of becoming Captain America, rather than just fighting alongside him. Considering the similar circumstances at the conclusion of Endgame, this storyline seems a likely influence on the series.

As far as antagonists are concerned, thanks to pre-release leaks like the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer, we can be confident that the show's chief antagonist will be a returning Helmut Zemo, and our heroes will also have to contend with Marvel villains Ultimatum and Flag-Smasher. No rest for Marvel heroes, right?


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