The Frontier Boys Movie Review

The Frontier Boys Movie Review

Sometimes God seems to put us in different situations and then watch how we react to them later on. And sometimes He tests us to see if we remain faithful to him even during dire circumstances.

Released on April 15th 2011, ‘The Frontier Boys’ aims to highlight these very messages! Centering on a group of high school teenage friends who love their peaceful world filled with plenty of friends and basketball, the movie showcases how a single incident threatens to overthrow their friendship while making the boys come to terms with their individual inner, spiritual strengths.

Brent (Timothy Lofing), Jed (Jedidiah Grooters), Jackson (Jake Boyce) and T. J. (Taylor DeRoo) are the best of friends, having grown up together. Their world is quiet, peaceful, happy and complete. The boys also constitute their school’s undefeated basketball team with T. J. being the star player; and love to hang out on weekends, doing nothing but (you guessed it) playing basketball.

The Frontier Boys Movie Review - The Frontier Boys Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

While Brent is an easy going individual who along with his friends respect the law and abide by the same; his elder brother Mike (Gregory Myhre) is just the opposite. Rebellious, insolent, aberrant and felonious, Mike likes hanging out with his own group of friends, most of whom are criminals and drug dealers.

Having had several run ins with the law himself, Mike persuades Brent to accompany him to one of his gang meetings one night. Telling Brent that he would need to think of alternate ways to make money, Mike introduces him to Sean (Rodney Wiseman), the gang leader who eyes Brent as his connection to the school and its students (for drug trafficking).

Although Brent is reluctant to join in with Sean, he agrees to go with them on a ride around town. They set out in an old pea green colored Camaro with Brent packed in the back seat with the other gang members.

The Frontier Boys Movie Review - The Frontier Boys Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Frank, a more boisterous and violent team member who is also in the car happens to see T. J. and wishes to settle an old score with him (T.J. had apparently admonished him for stealing CDs from a local shop). And so, while driving by, Frank shoots at T. J., seriously wounding the latter.

As the car speeds away, Brent who is locked in the back seat and too stunned to say anything, comes to terms with his brother’s secret involvement with a deadly gang. He is also weighed down with the guilt of being an accomplice to a crime that hurt his best friend.

The accident leaves T. J. in a critical condition in a coma state. And without him, the school’s basketball team starts to falter. The ‘Frontier Boys’ themselves seem to be torn apart, searching for clues to the crime.

With Brent choosing not to disclose his secret to anyone else, Jed decides to search for clues on his own. Being proficient with automobiles, Jed teams up with Jackson and a very reluctant Brent to find out the green camaro, and the individuals responsible for the accident.

This decision places them in grave danger with Mike’s gang choosing to attack them at regular intervals. And when things get out of control (the gang torches their headquarters and all the evidences), Brent decides to meet the town Sherrif and confess his involvement in the crime. Appeased by his honesty, the sherrif gives Brent a chance to redeem himself and gives the latter tracking devices to help nab the culprits.

The Frontier Boys Movie Review - The Frontier Boys Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

In between all this, the friends receive strange; inspirational messages from T. J.’s face book account. These supernatural messages propel the boy into thinking that T.J. wants to communicate with them spiritually.

This in turn makes the boys more steadfast in their attempt to catch the crooks, while praying earnestly for T.J.’s speedy recovery (which is doubtful as his father is seen signing organ donation papers, giving permission for T.J.’s vital organs to be donated after death).

‘The Frontier Boys’ has a long run time of nearly 2 hours which under normal circumstances would make you stiffle plenty a yawn! However, the movie’s brisk narrative and engrossing screenplay tend to make all that extra time look miniscule and negligible.

The director uses the time to give equal space and definition to each character and his/her individual issues. Considering the fact that the movie does not boast of having a stellar cast, it comes of as a surprise to note that the lead actors have performed tremendously well in their respective roles.

These young men are normal individuals like you and me who harbor ordinary feelings like love, anger, fear, sorrow, anguish and remorse etc. The actors effectively come off as simple, down to earth men who are vulnerable and yet extremely relatable in the individual sequences!

The Frontier Boys Movie Review - The Frontier Boys Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Rebecca St. James and Big Kenny are among a few of the well known names in the movie who have given out decent, genuine performances while ensuring to stay in their individual spaces; away from the spotlight on more than one occasion.

You can’t help but wonder as to what the title of the movie (and the group’s name) signifies. And although the director refers to the same at one point in the film’s narrative (the name is coined after their common proclivity for fishing), a better explanation would have helped.

In addition to just showing the strong bond of friendship shared by four individuals, ‘The Frontier Boys’ also aims to send across other messages as well; starting with death, justice, loyalty, self discovery; and ending with unquestionable faith in God.

The movie clearly aims to highlight the fact that God is ever observant of our duties on earth, and stays with us at all times, irrespective of what our eyes see or what our hearts feel. With regular mentions of Biblical verses and scriptures, the movie also strives to dish out one last inspirational message before concluding. Accordingly, it manages to instil in the mind, the need to cope up with inner struggles and issues on a more spiritual front!

The Frontier Boys Movie Review - The Frontier Boys Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Our Verdict: ‘The Frontier Boys’ would most definitely make it to the list of the ‘Most Inspirational Films of the Decade’. Simple, clear, humorous, emotional, inspirational and thought provoking, the movie is a ‘must watch’ for everyone! So don’t miss this one out!

Director: John Grooters

Cast: Timothy Lofing, Jedidiah Grooters, Jake Boyce, Taylor DeRoo, and Gregory Myhre

Rating: 4.5/5

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