The Garden Of Love

The Garden Of Love

The Garden Of Love - How to be a Happy Couple - Couple in Love | Tips on - Find TipsNot all marriages rot in hell. There are some that continue for eternity even if the percentage of such eternal marriages could come down to the dismal 2-3% in the modern world. But nonetheless, it exists which is a substantial evidence of building a happy relationship for all those singles and divorcees out there.

This article enumerates some of the things a happycouple does to build their own perfect garden of love. These are:

1. They learn to forget and forgive and build trust. Happy couples focus on what their partners are doing right and not wrong. Everyone has a positive and negative side; to err is human. But in a relationship, it is essential to have a positive outlook. Concentrating only on faults will make the couple critical of each other.

2. They take on common interests even if they don’t have any but try to learn each other hobbies only for the purpose of giving each other company. Doing activities together brings a couple closer and also gives them newer experiences.

3. They enjoy being seen in public together, something like flaunting each other. They are entwined in some affectionate contact even in public which proves how comfortable they are in each other’s presence and that they belong to each other. However, this is not be confused as public display of affection, PDA is different.

4. They ask each other as to how was their day in office or meeting or whatever. This shows their interest in them. Also if one of the partner is not so in a happy mood, the other one understands and gives him/her the space rather than nagging or complaining.

5. They have at least a meal together each day. Of course exceptions are there if the job entails touring responsibilities. Greeting with “love you”, “good morning”, “how was your day” or “good night” acts as a synthesizer in long term.

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