The Health Benefits of Redcurrants

The Health Benefits of Redcurrants

The Health Benefits of Redcurrants - Benefits of Redcurrants - Why you Should add Redcurrants to your Diet - Digestive Benefits of Redcurrants | Tips on - Find TipsVery few of us know anything about a tiny red berry that is called a redcurrant. The redcurrant grows on bushes that belong to the gooseberry family. Redcurrants are a native species to Western Europe. The difference between the redcurrant and the blackcurrant is that the redcurrant is sourer tasting, so instead of eating it raw, you’ll only really enjoy the redcurrant when it has been made into a jams and jellies.

There are several reasons why you should add redcurrant’s to your diet.

Redcurrants are very low in calories. One serving size of redcurrants, which is four ounces, contains only twenty-five calories and they are completely fat free.

Digestive Benefits

After eating redcurrants you will notice that your digestive system is working better than ever. The fiber in the redcurrant is helps your body break down the food. People who eat a steady diet of redcurrants seldom suffer from constipation. Redcurrants are natural diuretics.

People who are having a difficult time stimulating their appetites should try eating some redcurrants. Several people have reported an improved appetite after they’ve eaten the small berries.

Topical Uses

You don’t have to eat redcurrants to benefit from them. Mash up several of the berries and apply the paste to any rashes or acne outbreaks you might have. The redcurrant juice has astringent qualities.

Joint Health

People who are suffering from rheumatism or arthritis should start drinking redcurrant tea. Making redcurrant tea is easy. You’ll need dried redcurrant leaves, some boiling water, and four tea bags. In a large bowl or pot mix the water and redcurrant leaves together. Add the teabags and allow the teabags to sit in the juice water mixture for half an hour. When you are satisfied that the tea has steeped long enough, you can add some ice and sweeten the tea to suit your taste. Drinking the redcurrant tea every day will help reduce the inflammation in your joints. If you prefer warm tea, just nuke it in the microwave.

Good Oral Health

Gargling redcurrant juice can help clean your teeth and reduce the risk of oral infections.

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