The History of Chocolate Making From Origin To Present

The History of Chocolate Making From Origin To Present

The History of Chocolate Making From Origin To Present - Chocolate In Different Forms And TastesIt is really very interesting to know how these mouth watering chocolates came into being. The history of chocolate making dates back to the 14th century. The origin of chocolates happened in the Northern regions of South America about some two thousand years ago.

Origin of the word Chocolate:

Let us first see how the word ”chocolate’’ got its existence. “Xocolati” is the classical word used in Spanish language. The word chocolate got derived from its Spanish counterpart and was finally added to the English dictionary. Till date the word “çhocolate’’ is used as it is.

Different tastes of chocolates:

Chocolate is actually made from Cocoa beans. The Cocoa beans are roasted, fermented and then turned into a fine chocolate powder. In earlier days, the chocolate powder was mixed with different things to come out with different flavours. For example, South Americans preferred bitter chocolates and mixed Vanilla, maize and chilli pepper to get different flavours. Mexicans in particular used chocolates as a part of their meals. Later, when cocoa taste got introduced to the European continent, some modifications in the taste of chocolates were done by adding some milk and sugar to the bitter cocoa powder. This was unlike Mexican culture where people always preferred drinking bitter Cocoa beverages. Europeans, unlike Mexicans, preferred sweet flavour and would always choose to add some milk and sugar to the bitter chocolate powder.

Also, Europeans replaced chilli with vanilla flavour to make cocoa taste little more interesting. And, it actually worked out. Just then, in the 19th century some industrial revolutions took place and that is how modern chocolate bars got introduced to this world. With fast happening advancements in the technology, new methodologies were used to extract fat from cocoa powder to make it healthier. Also, some alkali preparations were used to extract bitterness from the chocolates.

When the first chocolate came into being?

After so many modifications and trials here and there, the first chocolate bar was made by an Englishman named ‘Joseph Fry’. Later, in 1849, real chocolate makers, the Cadbury brothers got into the business of chocolate making. Then after some more time, Swiss candle maker, tried his hands on chocolates and came out with milk variants of the same. These new varieties were really liked by everyone.

How Cocoa trees got their existence?

Now let us see how this Cocoa cultivation started. Cocoa trees were first grown in the South American rain forests. The high temperature all the year round with very high humidity level was an ideal climate for growing Cocoa trees. These trees were first grown by the Mayans. Mayans were the immigrants in South America and were the ones who started growing Cocoa trees in the rain forests of America. The Cocoa beverages used to be very spicy and bitter in taste. These drinks were reserved for very special occasion or used to be a part of elite’s delight. The middle and the lower sections of the society were far beyond the reach of Cocoa and its beverages.

The History of Chocolate Making From Origin To Present - Chocolate In Different Forms And Tastes

The farmers used to pluck the Cocoa beans from the trees, which would then go for fermentation, roasting and then ground to a fine powder. They started making Cocoa beverages form this fine powder but which served as favoured drinks for royals only. Slowly the popularity of these Cocoa beverages picked up in neighbouring countries as well. After Mayans, the Aztecs became crazy about Cocoa drinks. Unfortunately the dry weather did not allow them to grow Cocoa trees on their land. They were left with no option but to trade Cocoa grains. They started consuming cocoa beverages in huge amounts and later got addicted to them so much so that they even encouraged getting Cocoa beans in return as substitute for Aztec’s money. That was the amount of madness they had for Cocoa that they didn’t mind losing on money for those beans. Later when Aztec’s got defeated in a war and the conquerors came looking for gold and silver, to their great surprise they just found Cocoa beans everywhere. This reflects that Aztec’s placed these beans even above gold and silver.

During Aztec’s era the Cocoa beverages were again a luxury for the emperors. The emperors used to drink these beverages for about five times in a day. These beverages were served to them in Golden pots. The beverages were garnished using some aromatic flowers. At that time, the general consensus about Cocoa beverages was that these beverages improves strength and immunity and also helps to fight fatigue and work through the day without eating any food. Cocoa is of course a Mayan word which means “Good Food”. So, of course Cocoa drinks were thought to be very healthy and exotic. Even the priests, would consider Cocoa beans as sacred and would offer it to the deities as well.

Though the chocolates originated in South America, but the major production of Cocoa is done by Africa these days. About two thirds of world’s Cocoa production is done by Africa. The demand for Cocoa has also been rising at a very fast pace. This in turn is forcing Cocoa producers to increase their yield per crop to satisfy the growing demand across the world.

These days chocolates have countless varieties. The Swiss chocolates are of course the best in the world. Chocolates are no more the elite’s delight. They have percolated to the lower sections of the societies as well. Not only kids but adults too are just crazy about the chocolates. Chocolates have got varied use from chocolate cakes to ice creams to desserts to chocolates as such. The list is endless. Cadbury brothers who ventured into chocolate making long back has been pioneers in chocolate making till date.

Their chocolates are popular the world over. The entire combination of technology, innovation, creativity, culture and taste has gifted all of us with some awesome, mouth watering, really tempting sweet chocolates. Chocolates have a really chocolaty history and offer some exclusive health benefits as well. One known benefit of chocolates is that they are very good mood elevators.

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