The Little Fockers Movie Review

The Little Fockers Movie Review

The Little Fockers Movie Review - The Little Fockers Story, Cast & RatingsChristmas and holiday season of 2010 marked the release of few interesting movies. These include the True Grit, Tron Legacy, Chronicles of Narnia and of course, Meet the Little Fockers.

Interestingly, Little Fockers got a good lead and became the top movie at the American box office this weekend. Let us check out the movie review of Little Fockers here.

Little Fockers Movie Synopsis

Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Jessica Alba and all other stars of the first part, Meet the Parents get together for Little Fockers. All the characters claim to take you through a comic roller coaster ride.

Finally, after ten years, two kids, tons of obstacles, Greg (Ben Stiller) and wife Pam (Polo) manage to get into Jack’s (Robert De Niro) circle of trust. Jack is always suspicious of Greg owing to his nursing profession and mindless antics.

The Little Fockers Movie Review - The Little Fockers Story, Cast & Ratings

This time in Little Fockers, Greg is working for a medical company that requires him to do some moonlighting. Pam’s father, Jack is suspicious and is back to spying, creating misunderstandings and conspiring against son in law Greg.

Meet the Parents was quite interesting with all the tension built around Greg and Jack or Ben and Robert De Niro. However, in the third sequel, it might seem a little flat and uninteresting. To some, the adult comedy might send a few smiles, but otherwise, it might not be too funny.

Apart from the usual Meet the Parents plot of warring parties, this time there is a small twist to the tale. There is some stuff going around new drug for the adults, Greg’s son sees it and all hell breaks loose. There is a birthday bash for Greg’s kids, the little Fockers. Pam’s ex-lover, Kevin (Owen Wilson) is a guest to the birthday party at the Fockers house.

Now, will Greg (Ben Stiller) continue to remain in the circle of trust, will he reign supreme as the godfocker? We need to watch the movie to know it all.

The Little Fockers Movie Review - The Little Fockers Story, Cast & Ratings

Little Fockers – Cast and Crew

All the cast from Meet the Parents get together as the cast of Little Fockers. This includes Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Erika Jensen, Barbara Streisand, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson and all others.

There is much adult humor, a PG rated 13 and some content on drugs and mature stuff. It is a 98 minute movie and you might sit through if you have a lot of patience and do not mind watching the mature adult comic stuff.

Rating: 2.5/5


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