The Mechanic Movie Review

The Mechanic Movie Review

The Mechanic Movie Review - The Mechanic Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingThere are some thrills, shrills, revenge and hell lot of action thriller clichés in The Mechanic, starring action hero Jason Statham and Ben Foster. In fact there is nothing new to expect in the movie, after all we know how every action movie ends – the hero walking away unscathed into the horizon after attempting every action move mentioned in the book on his arch rivals. The Mechanic is a remake of a film starring Charles Bronson in 1972 of the same name.

Directed by Simon West, the movie has every bit of action, drama, suspense, mystery and adventure (the usual ingredients for a blockbuster!). The script written by Karl Gajdusek has Jason Statham playing Arthur Bishop ‘a mechanic’ – but that’s not really the case, he just calls himself that because he is an elite assassin who lives by his own rules (Rules? Haven’t we seen that before in the Transporter series played by none other than Jason Statham). Now ‘the mechanic’ in the movie, is gifted with a unique talent. That is – he can eliminate his enemies without any bloodshed. And he, Arthur Bishop happens to be one of the best in the industry!

He understands his job like any true professional does and expects perfection along with social detachment if he has to succeed in his assignments. Arthur is known for his stone cold, hard hearted, tough exterior guy; but this image crumbles when his close friend Harry (played by Donald Sutherland) is murdered. He feels an empty space within himself and it is surprising to see an assassin have some feelings after all!

His new assignment is sent by nobody, Arthur assigns himself on this next mission seeking revenge on the murderer(s) of his friend. He is all set and geared up to take that road which would lead him to his final goal when suddenly Steve, Harry’s son (played Ben Foster) approaches and requests Arthur to allow him on the same mission. He is also determined like Arthur to find the one responsible for his father’s death.

The Mechanic Movie Review - The Mechanic Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Now this poses as a major problem for Arthur, as he has always worked on his assignments alone and methodically. Fully aware that he cannot turn his back on Harry’s son he gives in. With Steve by his side Arthur starts planning careful moves in order to avoid the other sides attention and at the same time keeping Steve from becoming a target. But as they embark on this mission, Arthur begins to feel death traps laid out for him and Steve at every point of their mission. And he also begins to feel the pressure building on him as he dragged a student into the dark world of guns and assassins.

The Mechanic Movie Review - The Mechanic Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

The cast and story line are simple with twists here and there and majorly fitted in with the latest action stunts and noise making machine guns. The film has been rated an R as it is loaded with lots of action but it is good to see Statham doing what he is solely good at “action movies!”

Ratings: 3.5/5

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