The Perfect Hairstyle

The Perfect Hairstyle

The Perfect Hairstyle - How To Choose a Perfect Hairstyle - Hairstyles for Square Face - Round Face Hair Styles » The Perfect Hair StyleA hairstyle or a haircut can sometimes have drastic affect on the appearance of a person. A good hairstyle can make a person look great if their features compliment the haircut, but the same haircut may not suit others, whose features are different. So it’s important to have a good hairstyle especially for women.

Choosing a Hair Style

A hairstyle should be considered only if it suits the face shape of a person. Some women change their hairstyles according to the latest fad, while many others maintain their hairstyles.

As everyone has a unique face cut, as well as hair type and color; it’s even more important to have a correct hairstyle.

Hair Styles

Hair Style for Square Face

For a woman with a square face, a long layered hairstyle with soft waves that helps to detract attention from hard lines is ideal. Woman with a square jaw can adopt side parting or longer hair at the nape of neck.

However, women with a square face must avoid center parting/straight cut hairstyle as this accentuates the geometric lines in the face more than required.

Hair Style for Oval Face

Regarded as the perfect face shape, for a woman with an oval face any hairstyle is suitable. The oval faced woman can do a lot of experimentation with their hair style.

However, hairstyles depend on the quality of hair. Oval face women should look for a hairstyle that gives volume to the top of head and forehead and slim down. However, for oval face women it is better to avoid hairstyles that have short topsides, spikes, or give extra volume to the sides.

Hair Style for Round Face

For a woman with a round face, adopting a hairstyle with short fringes gives a lengthy look to the face as well as a short crop that gives the face a thinner look is advisable.

Women with a round face can add volume to the top of their head with these hairstyles to slim down. However, these women need to avoid spiky/short topside hair styles or any cut that will give width/volume to the face.

Hair Style for Long Face

For a woman with a long face adopting a hairstyle with short layered cuts or a bob cut with a little fringe is advisable. These hairstyles create a horizontal line, thus helping to balance the long face.

Long face women however, must avoid hairstyles such as jaw-length bobs, short crops, or any other styles that gives height to the top of the head.

Hair Style for Heart-shaped Face

For a woman with a heart shaped face it better to adopt a hairstyle that allows her to give extra length to their jaw line. However, these women must try and avoid a short crop hairstyle at the nape of the neck.

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