The Problem of Insomnia

The Problem of Insomnia

The Problem of Insomnia - Insomnia Cure - Symptoms of Insomnia - Cures for Insomnia - Sleeping Disorder | Tips on - Find TipsInsomnia is a kind of sleeping disorder in which a person is unable to rest his or her sub-conscious part of the brain. This disorder can also occur as a result of some other health related ailments. There are varieties of reason which can be directly held responsible for development of insomnia in an individual, such as, psychosomatic involving emotions, stress; sedentary lifestyle involving irregular work timings; ecological causes or some physical ailment.


Some of the causes responsible for the development of insomnia are:

1. Some people are prone to sleep less which in turn develops into insomnia. If an insomniac person is fully aware about his or her disorder then it can be safely cured by self-belief.

2. Constant strain is also one of the factors that add towards the growth or else aggravation of this sleeping disorder. Strain or anxiety occurs due to multiple reasons such as emotional stress, prolonged illness and even professional stress.

3. The intake of different stimulants despite the fact that it doesn’t hinder your sleep can disturb your sleeping pattern much later in the night.

4. There is myth surrounding the consumption of alcohol will lead to sound sleep but the fact is that it causes sporadic nap.

5. If you have irregular working hours then it is quite possible that it might alter your biological clock and disturbs your sleep to a great extent.

6. Irritating sound originating from trains, aeroplane, television, music systems and vehicular traffic tends to upset your sleep.

7. Light pollution is increasingly becoming the source of disturbing your sleep. In the morning, you might feel a bit dizzy if you have not got a sound sleep.

8. Some people become insomniac if they are suffering from any kind of ailment that tends to disrupt their sleeping pattern.

Symptoms of Insomnia

- Exhaustion.
- Impatience.
- Low level of energy.
- Lethargy.
- Anxiety.
- Despair.

Cure of Insomnia

1. Avoid taking products which have caffeine as its ingredient.
2. Minimize the intake of alcohol.
3. Start doing exercises, yoga and meditation.
3. Try to consume 1 glass of warm milk before sleeping at night.
4. If the problem of insomnia is too serious, then it is advisable to undergo specialized treatment.

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