The Sacredness of Sex

The Sacredness of Sex

The Sacredness of Sex - Bisexual Sex - Gay Sex - Sex Forums » Different Types of SexGenerally speaking, sex means deriving pleasure physically and mentally. There are many forms of sex like homosexual and bisexual sex. All aim at one thing, and that is a way to express their urge.Sacredness Of Sex:

Some say sex is sacred. The pleasure and satisfaction is a part of the action. Procreation is a sacred act. Viewed from this angle, it is sacred. But, in this act of enjoyment, it has no barriers and the couples have the freedom to enjoy all that sex has to offer. During the time of sex, they are on their own.


As said earlier, there are several types of sex like homosexual sex, gay sex and several other forms like lesbian sex. These are all ways that people have evolved for their own satisfaction and it is their personal preference that matters. Some even say such behavior exists even among animals; like a dog having sex with sheep. So, some people say that by engaging in these different forms of sex, no harm has been committed to the society. This is because sex has no barriers.

What Does Religion Say?

Most of the religions in the world do not agree with gay sex or even with homosexual acts. The religious leaders say that sex being a sacred act, these forms of sex only makes sex lose its sanctity. At the same time, some argue that these ‘unnatural sexual actions’ may have some effect on the behavioral aspects of these persons.

But, others argue that sex is one’s desire and just because a person is, for example gay, he must not be disowned by the society. They say that there could be many resourceful persons who could be practicing for example, gay sex. But it does not mean that his contribution to society in their field of excellence should be overlooked just because he is gay.

Pleasure In Sex:

Whatever form of sex one follows, it is the physical and mental pleasure the partners derive that is important. It could be cohabitation or oral sex, what ultimately matters are one’s feelings. But practice healthy sex so that it is free from any form of sexually transmitted diseases.

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