The self made hero of Hollywood-Nicholas Cage

The self made hero of Hollywood-Nicholas Cage

The self made hero of Hollywood-Nicholas Cage - Nicholas cage biography - Nicholas cage film list - Nicholas cage filmography » The self made hero of Hollywood-Nicholas CageBeing the nephew of Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola, Nicholas Cage had an inclination towards acting from his childhood. Finally, he decided to be an actor and worked on several films. He is a man of conviction and never used the name of his family because of the expectations attached to it. His devotion and seriousness is indeed praise worthy.

It was James Dean’s performance in East of Eden that motivated and inspired Nicholas Cage to become a Hollywood star. During school days Nicholas Cage was a shy guy and later he became much more social for enhancing his career as an actor. It was 1983; Nicholas had the first screen appearance and that was with his uncle’s film Rumble Fish.
The first audition as Nicolas Cage was for the film Valley Girl in 1983.During 1989's Vampire’s Kiss became famous; within the film there was a unique approach here he faced his fear of insects and ate a live cockroach in one scene.

In 1992, he acted in the romantic comedy Honeymoon in Vegas. As a mainstream film actor this was his first appearance and this was the real break of his career. He bagged the Oscar award for best acting and then Cage wanted to take on more roles of a hero. The trend of summer blockbusters began from 1997 onwards; it was Conair in 1997 along with John Travolta.

In 2002m his career took a new turn with his film Adaptation. Few outstanding hits of Nicholas are Matchstick Men (2003), National Treasure (2004) and Lord of War (2005) etc. Success in Nicholas Cage’s film career is going uphill and he has signed many films for 2008.He is now heartthrob of the younger generation and his popularity is spreading like wildfire across the planet.

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