The Superheroes That Comic Creators Wish You'd Forget

The Superheroes That Comic Creators Wish You'd Forget

The category of "superheroes who run really fast" is a big one, but the most popular one is certainly DC Comic's scarlet speedster, the Flash. Today, Marvel's closest equivalent to the Flash is Quicksilver, that hot-headed mutant who has managed to snag key roles in both the X-Men and the Avengers movies. However, way back in the early years of comic history, Marvel's first attempt at creating a speedster superhero was far wackier.

Meet the Whizzer, the unfortunate superhero who, for god knows what reason, decided to christen himself with a name that makes it sound as if he has overactive bladder disorder. Maybe that's why he's always running so fast? That moniker would be enough to earn him a spot here, but then the Whizzer had to complement it with a urine-colored jumpsuit, which would certainly earn the scorn of yellow spandex-hating superheroes like Cyclops. Also, what's with the wings on his head? Do they bobble around when he runs?

The true icing on the urinal cake is Robert Frank's origin story, which can be found on and Don Markstein's Toonopedia. To briefly summarize, in the days before Robert starts whizzing around, he accompanies his scientist father on a getaway somewhere in Africa. While there, the young man is bitten by a venomous cobra. Robert's father rushes to save his son's life, by injecting the younger Frank with a transfusion of ... um, mongoose blood. Really. This mongoose blood injection somehow gives Robert super-speed, and he becomes the Whizzer.


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