The Woman (2011) Movie Review

The Woman (2011) Movie Review

The Woman (2011) Movie Review - The Woman Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingReleased at the Sundance Film Festival 2011, Director Lucky McKee’s latest offering ‘The Woman’ appears to be one of the most disturbing films to hit the silver screen in a while. Highly intriguing and yet insanely brutal, the film is a sequel to the movie Offspring which was based on a novel (with the same name) written by Jack Ketchum and directed by Andrew van den Houten.

Centering on the theme of misogyny, the film aims to portray the fear and resentment that lies beneath the seemingly realistic condition. Set in Massachusetts, the shooting for the film was completed in a record 24 days and the director has made sure to incorporate the right amount of scares and shocks to make the movie frighteningly atrocious.

‘The Woman’ picks up from where the prequel, Offspring finished. Accordingly, we get to see the woman (played by Pollyanna McIntosh) running through the forest, covered in blood. Stabbed, bleeding, hungry and thoroughly exhausted, she reaches a cave that looks like a wolf’s den and enters it for shelter (and food as well).

As she sleeps, the movie shift focus to a family which is run by a not so nice man, Chris Cleek (Sean Bridges). A few minutes into the sequence and you realise that something is really wrong with Chris, an estate lawyer by profession. Apparently, he doesn’t take a liking to women and clearly shows the same with his male chauvinism and the way he treats the women in his family.

We are also introduced to the others in the family at the end of which you actually come to terms with the fact that the Cleek family is one hell of a dysfunctional unit. The family’s eldest daughter Peggy (Lauren Ashley Carter) is pregnant via incestuous means and faces the maximum brunt of her father’s wrath.

Chris’s wife (played by Angela Bettis) is your normal family woman who takes all the beatings and abuses in her stride and still remains with her husband while giving a deaf ear to the happenings in the house.

Brian (Zach Rand), their son is what you can call an exact xerox copy of his father in his cocky demeanor and behavior. And the family’s youngest daugther who is only 8 years old is a mute, confused spectator to the surroundings while being victimised on several occasions herself.

Anyways, once the Cleek family is introduced, the film again shifts focus to the woman in the woods who is seen by Chris while the latter is on a hunting trip. Facinated by her wild nature, Chris decides to capture her and take her back to his home.

The Woman (2011) Movie Review - The Woman Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

After making the necessary arrangements, Chris visits the forest the very next day and manages to capture her as well. He drags her back home with him and keeps her chained in the cellar with the intention of taming her.

Following this incident, Chris instructs his family on various parameters regarding the way they need to care for the woman and how they would need to behave in front of her in order for her to learn from their habits and become more civilised.

And throughout the rest of ‘The Woman’, we get accustomed to how the captive woman manages to learn from her captors, the ways of civilisation; and how she manages to use the same to free herself, meting out her revenge on the family in the process!

‘The Woman’ has everything going perfect for it, right from the solid base plot, pacy narrative, spine chilling screenplay, wonderful cinematography and a seemingly perfect background score to the exemplary performances put in by the individual members of the film’s cast.

Having a run time of about 100 minutes, the film manages to grab your attention in the initial scenes itself and holds onto it until after the final credits roll by. And although the film tends to slow down at certain places, the scintillating background score manages to revive the screenplay, providing the right sounds and intensity to each particular scene.

The visual effects (including the blood and gore) have been handled by Robert Kurtzman, a veteran in the field. And so, you get to see plenty of sequences filled with the same in a very realistic manner; which is more than enough to send goosebumps running up and down your spine.

The third part of the film is a head turner for sure and has some genuine twists, shocks, jumps and thrills that will definitely scare the living daylights out of you. And the climax is truly worth waiting for; which gives you all the more reason to stay until the very end without cringing in disgust or running away in fear.

On the whole, ‘The Woman’ can be termed as a very realistic and brutal movie that needs to be watched only if you have the guts to handle it’s volatile content and treatment. Then again, the movie effectively portrays the situation of many a woman stuck in an indefinite marriage that brings her nothing but dread, pity and unseen tortures from hell. Watch it, and if you walk out terrified, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Director: Lucky Mckee

Cast: Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Angela Bettis, Lauren Ashley Carter and Zach Rand

Rating: 3.5/5

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